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# SOLD - 1980 Christmas game Holiday $34.95
                  Excellent Condition  (Sold Out-w)

# 00000 - 1980 Christmas game Holiday $29.95
                  Very Good Condition - Sold Out

# 00000 - 1980 Christmas game Holiday $27.95
                  Acceptable Condition - Sold Out

Christmas game
©1980, Holiday Games
Ages: 5 to Adult
Players: 2 to 4
Excellent $17.95
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Don's Game Closet
Each player tries to be the first to finish his Christmas shopping.  
He must purchase a $1 gift, a $5 gift, a $25 gift, a $50 gift, a $100
gift and a $200 gift. The game is over when one person completes
his shopping.  Messages on the game cards vary with each game
making each game unique.

Shipping Wt:  Approx. 3 lbs.
Game Parts Available for Sale
No Parts Available for Sale
1 Game board
60 Game cards
(messages on cards vary from
game to game)
20 Raindeer cards
20 Santa cards
20 Scrooge cards
36 Cardboard tokens
6, $1 tokens
6, $5 tokens
6, $25 tokens
6, $50 tokens
6, $100 tokens
6, $200 tokens
1 Set of money
(156 to 160 total bills)
39 to 40  $1.00s
39 to 40  $5.00s
39 to 40  $10.00s
39 to 40  $50.00s
4 Plastic pawns
(standard or half-axle)
2 Standard 6-sided dice
Game Contents
Popular Rare Game
with a Great Family Tradition
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