Word Fun game
©1954, Transogram
Players: 2 to 4
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DESCRIPTION - from Transogram
Word Fun includes 7 Word Games that have been created by Transogram
to provide many hours of fun for you and your whole family.  Some of
the games are easy and some are more difficult, but all are interesting and
fascinating.  Test your skill with words and at the same time improve
your vocabulary.

Shipping Wt: Approx. 2 lbs.  
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Game Contents
4 Tile racks
104 Letter tiles (see listing below)
4 Blank tiles

Tile Listing

8 "A" Tiles
2 "B" Tiles
3 "C" Tiles
4 "D" Tiles
12 "E" Tiles
2 "F" Tiles
2 "G" Tiles
5 "H" Tiles
7 "I" Tiles
1 "J" Tile
1 "K" Tile
4 "L" Tiles
2 "M" Tiles
Play 7 Word Games
7 "N" Tiles
8 "O" Tiles
2 "P" Tiles
1 "Q" Tile
6 "R" Tiles
7 "S" Tiles
10 "T" Tiles
3 "U" Tiles
1 "V" Tile
2 "W" Tiles
1 "X" Tile
2 "Y" Tiles
1 "Z" Tile
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NOTE: Word Fun game is also know as Anagrams. The
game rules and plastic parts are interchangeable for both
games.  Parents and teachers use this game to help their
children learn the alphabet and words.  Also these games
are popular with adults and seniors as well.
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