Taboo for Kids game
©2004, Parker Brothers
Ages: 8 and Up
Players: 4 or more or Teams
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# 10781 - 2004 Taboo for Kids game $16.95
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# 00000 - 2004 Taboo for Kids game $14.95
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# 00000 - 2004 Taboo for Kids game $12.95
              Acceptable Condition - Sold Out
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Game Contents
1 Game board
252 cards - 4 categories
63 Red -Things you wear
63 Blue - School
63 Green - Things around house
63 Orange - Animals
1 Taboo Squeezer
2 Plastic pawns
1 60-second sand timer
DESCRIPTION - from the game
Experience the fun of Taboo with this Kids edition, featuring over
500 words specially picked for kids!  How well can you describe
GOGGLES?  But wait!  You can't say WATER or EYES, because
these words are TABOO.  When you only have seconds to get your
team guessing, how will you explain FIELD TRIP - without saying
BUS or MUSEUM?...The team to guess the most words and reach
the finish space first is the winner!

Shipping Wt: Approx. 2.5 lbs.
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