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# 09326 - 1993 Star Trek TNG Game of Trivia $9.95
                       Sealed Condition (nice game)

# 02425 - 1993 Star Trek TNG Game of Trivia $9.95
                       Unused Condition (in stock)

# 00000 - 1993 Star Trek TNG Game of Trivia $4.95
                       Excellent Condition - Sold Out

Star Trek The Next Generation Game of Trivia
©1993, Classic Games
(250 Cards)
Ages: 12 and Up
Players: 2 to 4
Don's Game Closet
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Game Contents
4 Console assemblies
3 Captain consoles
1 Starfleet command console
4 Plastic Console stands
1 Console label sheet
12 Wax pencils
4 Green pencils
4 Yellow pencils
1 Blue pencil
1 Purple pencil
1 Red pencil
1 White pencil
1 Scenario book
4 Cache boards
3 Starfleet directive cache boards
1 "Q" Coordinate cache board
250 Cards
196 Trivia cards
4 Information cards
9 Blue inoperable indicators
3 Red armed indicators
30 Green planet indicators
The object of this game is to 1) travel through one to four sectors of
space, 2) find two to ten planets and 3) return to Starfleet Command.
This game has up to three players who act as ship captains and the
additional player plays the Starfleet Command, who advises the captains
by asking trivia questions which play a role in moving their ships through
space. Also, the additional player can interfere with the outcome of play
by captaining a cloaked Borg ship and Q, who is hidden during the game.
Shipping Wt: Approx. 5.5 lbs.
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