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# 07561 - 1978 Society Scandals game MB - Lowe $16.95
                                   Excellent Condition

# 00000 - 1978 Society Scandals game Lowe - MB $14.95
                                   Very Good Condition - Sold Out

# 00000 - 1978 Society Scandals game Lowe - MB $12.95
                                   Acceptable Condition - Sold Out

Society Scandals game
©1978, Milton Bradley - Lowe
Ages: Mature Adults
Players: 2 to 6
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Game Contents
DESCRIPTION - from the game
Join The In Crowd.  The object of life is to become successful
socially while still retaining your capital.  Should you lose it,
you will be forced to spend your days at Sun City (gasp), and
must leave the game.  Should you remain a player, you may
circumnavigate the board, be taken into The Club and end your
days as the ultimate social success by being the first player to
pass on in the Reading Room of the Club.
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1 2-Panel game board
(19.5 x  23")
1 Plastic card tray
54 Game cards (listing below)
11 Item cards
15 Spite cards
28 Category cards
1 Set of play money
6 Character pawns
Bobby Elixer
Count Antonio Rigatoni
Freddy Farnsworthy-Flightfoot
Mitzi Snukz-Sanchez
Mrs. Randolph Scott Keithly
Samantha Van TwoStepp
6 Plastic pawn bases
2 Specialty 6-sided dice
(blank, 1, 1, 1, 2, 3)

Game card listing
11 Item cards
Decorator collapses card
Dowager jumps bail
Elixer's horse falls in derby
Flaming youth runs amuck
Flightfoot installs croquet court
Mammoth robbery unsolved
Palm Beach aristocrat in violence
Royal marriage annulled
Socialite Sanchez shunned
Socialite sued
Son of philanthropist indicted

15 Spite cards
1 A snub
1 Collect a bet
1 Force a divorce
1 Free divorce
1 Mobility - move 1 sq either
2 Mobility - move 2 sqs either
1 Mobility - move 3 sqs either
1 Mobility - move 4 sqs either
1 Report a friend to IRS
1 Send a friend on shpping spree
1 Send a friend to happy hill
1 Spread a rumor
1 Untimely tip
1 Wdding of convenience

07 Category - Estate cards
Cigarette burn
Decorator quits
George II candlesticks
Help retires
Install solar heater
Termite invasion
You inherit castle

07 Category - Party cards
Buy tiara
Canapes spoil
Caviar flown in from Iran
Everyone gone by 10 pm
Feathers damage pool filter
Party covered by the wire
You meet Arabian oil sheik
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The Game for the Club Crowd
07 Category - Shopping cards
All that stuff at the pharmacy
Baubles and bangles
Beauty treatment
Designers original
Have your portrait painted
Isle De La Cite
Visit the galleries

07 Category - Toys and Games
Lose $50,000 at Monte Carlo
Pay $5,000 to Stuff blue marlin
You acquire Rolls Royce
You caught cheating
Your invitation lost
Your polo ponies get disease
You shooting box burns