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# 00000 - 1975 Scoring Anagrams game S & R $14.95
                                Excellent Condition - Sold Out

# 00000 - 1975 Scoring Anagrams game S & R $12.95
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# 00000 - 1975 Scoring Anagrams game S & R $11.95
                                Acceptable Condition - Sold Out

Scoring Anagrams game
Scrabble Brand
©1975, Selchow & Righter
Ages: 10 and Up
Players: 2 to 12
Don's Game Closet
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Game Contents
180 Red letter tiles
(see listing below)

Tile Listing

16 "A" Tiles
04 "B" Tiles
04 "C" Tiles
08 "D" Tiles
22 "E" Tiles
04 "F" Tiles
06 "G" Tiles
06 "H" Tiles
14 "I" Tiles
02 "J" Tiles
02 "K" Tiles
08 "L" Tiles
04 "M" Tiles
DESCRIPTION - from the game
The game of Scoring Anagrams is a contest of forming words by
combining letters drawn at random or by adding to and rearranging
letters of words already formed.  The winner is the player with
the highest score when the game ends.
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10 "N" Tiles
14 "O" Tiles
04 "P" Tiles
02 "Q" Tiles
12 "R"Tiles
08 "S" Tiles
10 "T" Tiles
08 "U" Tiles
02 "V" Tiles
02 "W" Tiles
02 "X" Tiles
04 "Y" Tiles
02 "Z" Tiles
The new scoring version
of a popular classic game.
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