Pokemon Jr. Adventure game  Pokemon Emergency
©1999, Milton Bradley
Ages: 6 and Up
Players: 2 to 6
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# 10177 - 1999 Pokemon Jr. Adventure game MB $7.95
                               Excellent Condition

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# 00000 - 1999 Pokemon Jr. Adventure game MB $5.95
                              Acceptable Condition - Sold Out
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26 Pokemon power cards
(all cards are different)
03 "7" cards
06 "8" cards
09 "9" cards
08 "10" cards

48 Hit tokens
2 Pokemon coins
6 Pokedex checklists
1 Standard 6-sided die
1 Pokemon Emergency storybook
DESCRIPTION - from the Boardgamegeek
The Pokémon Adventure: Pokémon Emergency! game was intended
to be the first of twelve "Pokémon RPG" supplements, but due to
licensing matters, the rest were never published.  The game is a
simplified RPG style game where the players take the role of
Pokémon Trainers. The (D/G)M takes the controls of the game and
narrates the players through some adventures....This game is also a
great way of getting younger players into the gaming hobby and
introduce them to RPGs.
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