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# SOLD - 1993 Party Mania game $24.95
             Excellent Condition (Sold Out)

# 00000 - 1993 Party Mania game $21.95
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# 00000 - 1993 Party Mania game $19.95
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Party Mania game
©1993, Parker Brothers
Ages: 9 and Up
Players: 3 to 6
Don's Game Closet
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Game Contents
1 VCR tape
1 Game board
36 Get ready tokens
6 Jewelry tokens
6 Outfit tokens
6 Nails tokens
6 Makeup tokens
6 Shoes tokens
6 Hair tokens
30 Chore cards
5 Kitchen cards
5 Laundry cards
5 Dining room cards
5 Bathroom cards
5 Bedroom cards
5 Living room cards
29 Note cards
(listed with face up flipped)
10:05 card
10:19 card
10:29 card
10:46 card
10:56 card
11:06 card
11:18 card
11:28 card
11:32 card
11:45 card
11:56 card
12:09 card
12:19 card
12:53 card
12:57 card
18 Mom's stamp of approval
Aunt Franny
Dad says...
Get rid ...eating banana
Get rid reporter
Get rid ...photographer
Get rid ...weatherman
Sorry ...bathroom
Sorry ...dining room
Sorry ...laundry room
Sorry room
Thanks ...dinner help
Thanks great
Thanks ...around house
Thanks ...watching brother
Win token ...act like baby
Win token ...act like someone
You've done a super job
6 Cemented game pawns
1 Yellow pawn
1 Aqua pawn
1 Pink pawn
1 Blue pawn
1 Orange pawn
1 Purple pawn
1 Standard 6-sided die (5/8")
DESCRIPTION - from the box
It's Saturday and the Keller Twins are having a party. Absolutely everybody's
going to be there- but you can't go unless you get all your chores done first! And
you've got to Get Ready! And you've got to get your mom's stamp of approval!
And you've got to get it all done by 6:00 PM. Your best friends Becca and Tanya,
and those cute guys Max and Luke are all on the videotape. They'll interrupt the
game, talk to you as you play, and help you get to the party.
Shipping Wt:  Approx. 3.5 lbs.
1:10 card
1:14 card
1:21 card
1:34 card
1:38 card
1:48 card
1:54 card
2:08 card
2:29 card
2:40 card
3:43 card
4:12 card
4:27 card
4:59 card
NOTE:This game sometimes has
an extra non-essential blank Note
card (see listing) that is not counted
as a part of the game contents.
Fabulous Interactive VCR Game
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# 06060 VG Condition (excellent
game - sold)