Outta Control game
©1992, Parker Brothers
Ages: 8 to Adult
Players: 2 to 6
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DESCRIPTION - from the game
The object of Outta Control game is to get rid of all your
chips.  To do so, make your way around the board as you
DO the things on the DO cards - in the correct order! - and
DON'T do the things on the DON'T cards.

Shipping Wt: Approx. 3.5 lbs
Game Contents
1 Game board
1 Card tray with buzzer
24 Do cards
Bark like a dog
Blow a kiss in the air
Clap your hands
Close your eyes & touch nose
Flap your arms like a chicken
Give a Tarzan yell
Give yourself a hug
Hit the buzzer
Meow like a cat
Pat your head
Pretend to brush your teeth
Pretend to cry
Pretend to snore
Pull on your ear
Rub your tummy
Slap your knees with both hands
Stand up and sit down
Stick out your tongue
Tell your favorite ice cream flavor
Tell your favorite TV show
Wave goodbye
Whistle or hum a tune
Write your first name in the air
Yawn and stretch
24 Don't cards
Lift any mover off the board
Move clockwise around the board
Move what you roll - plus 1
Pick up the die using thumb
Put an elbow on the table
Put both feet on the floor same
Say any color
Say any numbers
Say the word "chips"
Say the word "move"
Say the word "no"
Say the word "turn"
Say the word "yes"
Stand up
Touch another player
Touch any cards during ur turn
Touch any chips during ur turn
Touch any part of your face
Touch the board with ur fingers
Touch your hair
Touch your hands together
Use anyone's first name
6 Plastic pawns
(white, purple, red or black, blue,
green, yellow)
60 Pink plastic chips
1 Standard 6-sided black die
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