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# 02720 - 1992 Oodles game MB $9.95
               Excellent Condition (in stock)

# 00000 - 1992 Oodles game MB $8.95
               Very Good Condition - Sold Out

# 00000 - 1992 Oodles game MB $7.95
               Acceptable Condition - Sold Out

Oodles game
©1992, Milton Bradley
Ages: Adult
Players: 3 or more
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DESCRIPTION - from the box
Oodles is made up of three main items... a nifty ticking electronic timer that stops when you hold the
button down and starts up again when you let go of it, an extraneous plastic Oodle stick (a large "start
player" marker), and a deck of Oodle cards.  Each card has 10 questions on it, plus a "Silly Starter."  The
"silly" question is asked to the player currently holding the Oodle stick and if he/she answers correctly,
they begin answering the questions on the card (each answer begins with the same letter).  You are allowed
only one guess... so if you're wrong, the moderator calls an "all play" and reads the question again.  The
first player to guess correctly wins the right to keep answering questions on the card  
Shipping Wt: 3 lbs.
Game Contents
300 Two-sided Oodle cards
1 Electronic timer
1 Battery cover
1 Oodles baton
#01143 Excellent Condition
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