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# SOLD - 1967 Kreskin's ESP $14.95
            Excellent Condition (Sold Out-w)

# 00000 - 1967 Kreskin's ESP $12.95
            Very Good Condition - Sold Out

# 03067 - 1967 Kreskin's ESP $11.95
            Acceptable Condition (excellent parts, some box wear)

Kreskin's ESP
©1967, Milton Bradley
Ages: Adults
Players: 2 or more
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Game Contents
1 Game board
4 Yes/No cards
1 Yes/No career card
1 Yes/No finance card
1 Yes/No love card
1 Yes/No travel card
1 Mystery pendulum bob
1 Metal chain
25 Symbol cards
5 Cards with a "check"
5 Cads with an "arrow"
5 Cards with a "dot"
5 Cards with a "triangle"
5 Cards with a "heart"
25 Color cards
5 Red cards
5 Blue cards
5 Green cards
5 Orange cards
5 Yellow cards
4 Reference cards
Clairvoyance test
ESP rating scale
General ESP test
Matching/solitaire test
1 Folding test screen
(with colors and symbols)
1 Kreskin's ESP pad
1 Directions for playing
Kreskin's ESP
1 Directions for testing with the
ESP test kit
DESCRIPTION - from the game                      Shipping Wt: Approx. 3.5 lbs
Extra Sensory Perception is the ability to send or receive thoughts, using only your
mind to do so. Do you have this supernatural power? Kreskin, the world’s foremost
authority on ESP, thinks you do. You need only to develop it. This fascinating ESP
game shows how!  Imagine the fun! Alone, or with a friend, or with a whole party of
people, players can reveal their innermost thoughts on love, politics, or any other
subject. Kreskin’s ESP game will give you the opportunity to reveal your ESP powers
and explore the outer frontiers of the human mind in two scientifically proven ways.
#04656 Acceptable Condition
(excellent parts)
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