Hi Politix game
©1976, JRS Fun Group
Ages: 12 to Adult
Players: 2 to 10
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# 00000 - 1976 Hi Politix game JRS Fun Group $24.95
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# 00000 - 1976 Hi Politix game JRS Fun Group $21.95
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# 04266 - 1976 Hi Politix game JRS Fun Group $19.95
                             Acceptable Condition (UNUSED PARTS, 3 box splits)
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Strategy, Politics, Chance
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No Parts Available for Sale
1 Game board
(5 regional groups of states)
52 State Delegation cards
(see 5 Region listing below)
10 Player game markers
1 Red Champ marker
1 Red Honey marker
1 Blue Big Daddy marker
1 Blue Iron Eyes marker
1 Gray Big Moe marker
1 Gray Ling marker
1 Green Little Mike marker
1 Green Stretch marker
1 Yellow Lindy marker
1 Yellow Shorty marker
10 Wooden marker holders
1 Special Event card
1 "Uncle" Bank (Game Box)
3 Standard 6-sided dice
1 Set of Campaign Units
1 Simplified version game card
1 Rules booklet

52 Region State Card Listing
11 Red cards
1 Red Alaska card
1 Red California card
1 Red Colorado card
1 Red Hawaii card
1 Red Idaho card
1 Red Montana card
1 Red Nevada card
1 Red Oregon card
1 Red Utah card
1 Red Washington card
1 Red Wyoming card
10 Blue cards
1 Blue Connecticut card
1 Blue Delaware card
1 Blue Maine card
1 Blue Massachusetts card
1 Blue New Hampshire card
1 Blue New Jersey card
1 Blue New York card
1 Blue Puerto Rico card
1 Blue Rhode Island card
1 Blue Vermont card
10 Gray cards
1 Gray Kansas card
1 Gray Kentucky card
1 Gray Maryland card
1 Gray Missouri card
1 Gray Oklahoma card
1 Gray Pennsylvania card
1 Gray Oklahoma card
1 Gray Tennessee card
1 Gray Virginia card
1 Gray West Virginia card
10 Green cards
1 Green Illinois card
1 Green Indiana card
1 Green Iowa card
1 Green Michigan card
1 Green Minnesota card
1 Green Nebraska card
1 Green North Dakota card
1 Green Ohio card
1 Green South Dakota card
1 Green Wisconsin card
11 Yellow cards
1 Yellow Alabama card
1 Yellow Arkansas card
1 Yellow Arizona card
1 Yellow Florida card
1 Yellow Georgia card
1 Yellow Louisiana card
1 Yellow Mississippi card
1 Yellow New Mexico card
1 Yellow North Carolina card
1 Yellow South Carolina card
1 Yellow Texas card
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Game Contents
DESCRIPTION - from the game
The object of Hi Politix game is to acquire the right
combination of delegate votes to win the Presidential
nomination. As in real politics, any of a variety- of
strategies may be employed. AT ANY TIME during
play, the first candidate to achieve one of the 4
standard strategies listed below (and also listed on the
Game Board) is declared the Presidential nominee and
wins the game: 1) "The Front-Runner Strategy"
Control a majority (755) of the 1500 total delegate votes. 2) "The Regional Bloc Strategy" - Control 3 or more
regional blocs. There are 5 regions, differentiated by color. To control a regional bloc, a candidate must acquire
at least any 7 of the states in that region. 3) "The Key State Strategy" - Control at least any 10 of the 15 Key
States, including at least two #1 ranked states. Key States are the #1, 2, and 3 ranked states of each region.
4) "The Balanced National Appeal Strategy" - Control at least 5 state delegations - any 5 - from each of any
4 regions.   
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