Harry Potter Levitating Challenge game
©2001, Mattel
Ages: 5 and Up
Players: 1 or more
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DESCRIPTION - from the game
For the single player, the object of the game is to levitate the ball out of the
Cauldron and around a Maze that you built, maneuvering it through each
Challenge to return it to the Cauldron in the fastest time possible.  For the
multi-player version, the object of the game is to be the player with the highest
Rank in two out of three rounds.  In a multi-player game, the first round should
be an easy Maze (3 Challenges).  The second round should be a difficult Maze
(5 Challenges).  The final round should be a complete Maze (7 Challenges).
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1 Levitating Challenge unit
1 Claw handle
1 Harry Potter with wand
1 Cauldron
1 Spinner drive
1 Spinning drum cage
1 Spinning large hoop
1 Spinning double hoop
1 Animated Raven's Revenge
1 Basket
3 Cage ribs
1 Raven pedestal
1 Animated broom
1 Animated guillotine
1 Three-level maze cage
1 Main cage
2 Cage slats
1 Paddle wheel
1 Triple loop
1 Four-looped fan wheel
1 Fan wheel pedestal
1 Hole in the wall
6 Styrofoam balls (15/16")
Game Contents
The Electronic Skill and Action Game
with over 200 Maze Combinations.
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