Good Humor game
©1975, Milton Bradley
Ages: 5 and Up
Players: 2 to 4
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1 Game board
1 Ice Cream spinner
1 Good Humor Ice Cream truck
24 Ice Cream Flavor cards
5 Cone cards
5 Fruit Stix cards
5 Ice Cream Sandwich cards
5 Sundae cards
2 Any flavor cards
2 Sorry all gone cards
4 Plastic figure movers
1 Red female mover
1 Blue male mover
1 Green female mover
1 Yellow male mover
Game Contents
DESCRIPTION - from the box
Good Humor is a children's game that teaches matching and counting using
something all children love: the Good Humor Ice Cream Truck!! The truck
moves around the path dispensing the many treats that the children have
learned are there. The winner is the first player to collect four cards with the
same flavor.

Shipping Wt: Approx. 2.5 lbs.
Develop Matching Skills
and Cooperative Play
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