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# SOLD - 1979 Gas Crisis game $14.95
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Gas Crisis
©1979, Macmillan Game Company
Ages: 12 and Up
Players: 2 to 6
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1 Playing Board
12 Plastic cars
1 Large red car
1 Large white car
1 Large green car
1 Large brown car
1 Large yellow car
1 Large blue car
1 Small red car
1 Small white car
1 Small green car
1 Small brown car
1 Small yellow car
1 Small blue car
30 Hope cards
3 No Hope
3 Rich Uncle
3 Electric Car
3 Walked to Work
3 Gas War
6 Siphon Cards
3 Struck Oil
3 Oil Shiek
3 Basement Still
30 Gas Guzzler cards
3 Bad Luck Days
3 Breaking Line
3 Hoarding Gas
3 Gas Rationing
3 Cross Country Trip
3 Triple Price Gas
3 Car Stalls
3 Engine Tuning
3 Speeding
3 Political Crisis
3 Standard 6-sided dice
1 Set of money
1 Set of gas coupons
1 Gas price marker
(standard pawn)
Game Contents
Exciting - Entertaining - Educational
In Gas Crisis game each player starts with 1000 gallons of gas which is
used to travel around the game board.  Players that end up with a gas
guzzler car will using 3 dice instead of one, which could lead to their
elimination from the game.  When a player is unable to pay for gas, which
goes up in price from $1.00 to $500.00, he or she is eliminated from the
game.  The last player in the game is declared the winner.
NOTE: 1979 Gas Crisis game was published
during the days of the 1970s gas crisis.  Its
an educational game that teaches its players
to be more economical in order to win.  
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