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# SOLD - 1970 Emily Post Popularity game $14.95
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# 00000 - 1970 Emily Post Popularity game $12.95
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# 00000 - 1970 Emily Post Popularity game $11.95
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Emily Post Popularity game
©1970, Selchow & Righter
Ages: 8 and Up
Players: 2 to 4
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1 Game board
1 Set of Good Etiquette cards
1 Set of Bad Etiquette cards
4 Playing pieces
The object of Emily Post Popularity game is to be the player who collects five friends
without having Dog or Poor Etiquette cards.  Players take turns rolling the dice and the
player with the lowest score takes the Dog card and begins the game. Players use the
amount of one or both dice to move either direction around the gameboard. A player
who lands on any one of six social event spaces draws the top card from the Emily
Post Etiquette Deck. Good etiquette cards collect friends and Bad etiquette cards
prevent you from collecting friends.  Cards are discarded by returning to Start.
Game Contents
A Game of Etiquette for Girls
Game Board
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