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# SOLD - 1980 Electronic Dungeons & Dragons game $39.95
                         Excellent Condition (Sold Out-w)

# 00000 - 1980 Electronic Dungeons & Dragons game $34.95
                         Very Good Condition - Sold Out

# 00000 - 1980 Electronic Dungeons & Dragons game $31.95
                         Acceptable Condition - Sold Out

Electronic Dungeons & Dragons game
©1980, Mattel
Ages: 8 and Up
Players: 1 to 2
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DESCRIPTION - from the box
Dungeons & Dragons Computer Labyrinth game is an electronic game of
strategy, imagination and adventure.  It is inspired by the well-known
Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game published by TSR Hobbies,
Inc.  Within the dungeon labyrinth lurks a deadly dragon, guarding a fantastic
treasure.  Your object is to find and steal the treasure, then get it back to your
secret room before the dragon gets you or your rival warrior robs you!  You'll
never unravel the secret of this labyrinth, for the computer generates a         
DIFFERENT labyrinth each time you turn on the game.
Shipping Wt: Approx. 3 lbs.
1 Left-handed warrior piece
1 Right-handed warrior piece
1 Dragon piece
1 Treasure piece
2 Plastic round markers
1 Plastic Square marker
50 Plastic wall pieces
Game Contents
Computer Labyrinth Game
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