Disney Cartoon Classics VCR Board game
©1986, Milton Bradley Video
Ages: 3 to 6
Players: 1 to 3
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# 07267 - 1986 Disney Cartoon Classics VCR game $19.95
                            Excellent Condition (in stock)

# 00000 - 1986 Disney Cartoon Classics VCR game $17.95
                            Very Good Condition - Sold Out

# 00000 - 1986 Disney Cartoon Classics VCR game $15.95
                            Acceptable Condition - Sold Out
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1 VHS Cassette video tape
3 Two-sided gameboards
84 Game cards
(see below)
48 Character tokens
16 Donald Duck tokens
16 Goofy tokens
16 Mickey Mouse tokens

84 Game Card Listing
15 Donald Red Check cards
5 Glad mouth cards
5 Mad mouth cards
5 Sad mouth cards
15 Donald Blue Check cards
5 Glad eye cards
5 Mad eye cards
5 Sad eye cards
10 Blue Mickey cards
3 Mickey In Hat cards
3 Mickey Under Hat cards
4 Mickey Over Hat cards
10 Green Goofy cards
3 Donald In Hat cards
3 Donald Under Hat cards
4 Donald Over Hat cards
24 Bingo cards
(card back is in face up position)
1 Red Donald over Donald
1 Red Donald over Goofy
1 Red Mickey over Donald
1 Red Mickey over seal
1 Red seal over monkey
1 Blue Donald over Mickey
1 Blue Goofy over Mickey cards
1 Blue Goofy over Mickey water
1 Blue Mickey over Donald
1 Blue Mickey over Mickey
1 Blue Mickey over monkey
1 Green Donald over Goofy
1 Green Donald over seal
1 Green Mickey balloon over Don
1 Green Mickey bucket over Don
1 Green Mickey ov Donald drum
1 Green Mickey ov Donald barrell
1 Green Mickey over Goofy
1 Yellow Donald over Goofy
1 Yellow Donald over seal
1 Yellow Mickey over Donald
1 Yellow monkey over Donald
1 Yellow seal over Donald barrell
1 Yellow seal over Donald fireman
DESCRIPTION - from the game
There are 3 games on the video tape.  Game 1 is Mickey's Bingo.  Game 2 is
the Feeling Ducky game.  Game 3 is the Every Which Way Game.  Younger
children and first-time players will need help when playing Disney Cartoon
Classics VCR Game.  The first time your child plays, just watch the video.  
After your child becomes familiar with the sights and sounds on the tape,
introduce the game.  And be patient.  With repeat play, your child may soon
be showing you how to play.
Shipping Wt: Approx. 2.5 lbs.
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