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# 00000 - 1988 Bullwinkle and Rocky game TSR $14.95
                                Excellent Condition - Sold Out

# 00000 - 1988 Bullwinkle and Rocky game TSR $12.95
                                Very Good Condition - Sold Out

# 00000 - 1988 Bullwinkle and Rocky game TSR $11.95
                                 Acceptable Condition - Sold Out

Bullwinkle and Rocky game
©1988, TSR
Ages: 12 and Up
Players: 2 to 10
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108 Game cards
(including 1 blank card)
2 Booklets
1 The Guide to Frostbite Falls
and Beyond booklet
1 Stories booklet
2 Diplomas (Certificates)
1 Wossamotta U.
1 Ukranian Safe-Cracking
10 Hand puppets
6 Character stand-up cards
- Dudley Do-Right
- Homer
- Horse
- Inspector Fenwick
- Nell Fenwick
- Snidley Whiplash
14 Character stand-up cards
- Boris Badenov
- Bullwinkle the Moose
- Captain Peter Peachfuzz
- Fearless Leader
- Gidney and Cloyd, The Moon
- King/Bum
- Mr. Peabody & Sherman
- Narrator
- Natasha Fatale
- Prince/Peasant
- Princess/Daughter
- Queenie/Witch
- Rocket "Rocky" J. Squirrel
- Blank character card
6 Different spinners
1 Rules (How to play the game
DESCRIPTION - from the game
And now here's something you'll really like! "Join the fun at Frostbite Falls and
Wossamotta U. with Bullwinkle, Rocky and all their pals! The Bullwinkle and
Rocky game lets you play the role of your favorite character - from Dudley
Do-Right and Mr. Peabody to Boris Badenov and Snidely Whiplash! Easy to
learn, the Bullwinkle and Rocky game is really three games in one!
Game Contents
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Can Be Played in 3 Ways
The Narration Game
The Everybody Can Do Something Game
The Graduate Game
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