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# 07589 - 2000 Buffy the Vampire Slayer game MB $19.95
                               Excellent Condition

# 00000 - 2000 Buffy the Vampire Slayer game MB $17.95
                               Very Good Condition - Sold Out

# 00000 - 2000 Buffy the Vampire Slayer game MB $14.95
                               Acceptable Condition - Sold Out

Buffy the Vampire Slayer game
©2000, Milton Bradley
Ages: 12 and Up
Players: 2 to 5
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Game Parts Available for Sale

No Parts Available for Sale
1 Game board
1 Pewter Buffy icon
4 Evil villain scenario cards
1 Demon Mayor scenario card
1 Adam scenario card
1 Master scenario card
1 Judge scenario card
1 Phases chart centerpiece
4 Plastic gameboard clips
4 Good player cardholders
1 Buffy charac sheet/cardholder
1 Oz charac sheet/cardholderr
1 Willow charac sheet/cardholder
1 Xander charac sheet/cardholder
6 Good player pawns
1 Angel player
1 Buffy player
1 Harmony player
1 Oz player
1 Willow player
1 Xander player
6 Evil villain pawns
1 The Adam pawn
1 Demon Mayor
1 The Judge pawn
1 The Master pawn
1 The Mayor pawn
1 Werewolf Oz pawn
9 Evil servant pawns
1 Angelus pawn
1 Bad faith pawn
1 Darla pawn
1 Drusilla pawn
1 Kathy the demon pawn
1 Mr. Trick pawn
1 Spike pawn
1 Vamp X pawn
1 Veruka pawn
10 Plastic pawn stands
5 Pawn stands for evil pawns
5 Pawn stands for good pawns
1 Evil card holder
(with 2 plastic clips)
84 Game cards
12 Artifact cards
18 Evil cards (see below)
18 Help cards
18 Research cards (see below)
18 Weapon cards
10 Specialty dice
4 Red fight dice
2 Blue movement dice
1 Black evil die
3 Yellow Majik dice
10 Life counters
5 Black counters
5 White counters
DESCRIPTION - from the game
Buffy the Vampire Slayer game "recreates struggles with four of
Buffy's greatest enemies: the Master, the Judge, the Mayor and
Adam.  Depending on which story is being played, the goals of
the Evil player and the Good players change slightly. In each of
the four game scenarios, the winner will be either the Evil
player or all of the Good players."  

Shipping Wt:  Approx. 3.5 lbs
Game Contents
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18 Evil Cards
1 Summon Kathy
1 Summon Angelius
1 Summon Harmony
1 Summon Veruka
2 Surprise Attack
2 You Are Invited
2 Summon Eclipse
3 Sewer Crawl
5 Sire a Vampire
18 Research Cards
1 Spell of Oblivion
1 Spell of Evil Summoning
1 Spell of Soul Restoration
2 Garlic
2 Sewer Map
2 Spell of Healing
2 Spell of Disappearance
2 Spell of Good Summoning
2 Living Flame
3 Spell of Phases
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