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# SOLD -  2003 Adventures in Neopia game $5.95
                   Excellent Condition (Sold Out-w)

# 03445 -  2003 Adventures in Neopia game $4.95
                   Very Good Condition (in stock)

# 00000 -  2003 Adventures in Neopia game $3.95
                   Acceptable Condition - Sold Out

Adventures in Neopia game
©2003, Milton Bradley
Ages: 8 and Up
Players: 2 to 4
Don's Game Closet
Game Parts Available for Sale

Only Marbles Available for Sale at this time
1 Game board
1 Poogle racetrack/Grundo
snow throw board
1 Buried treasure box
1 NeoPoints coin box
1 Launcher
1 Mini-Action game card
1 Wheel of excitement spinner
(with plastic arrow and base)
1 Ultimate bullseye target
40 Ticket cards
40 Random event cards
26 Fruit machine cards
54 NeoPoints coins
27  100-NeoPoint tokens
11  500-NeoPoint tokens
16  1000-NeoPoint tokens
20 Buried treasure tokens
1  2000-Treasure token
1  1000-Treasure token
6  500-Treasure tokens
8  100-Treasure tokens
4  0-Treasure tokens
1 Cardboard snowball
12 Game pawns
6 Neopets character pawns
3 Poogle pawns
2 Grundo pawns
1 Arrow pawn
12 Plastic pawn stands
3 Specialty Poogle dice
1 Red die
1 Green die
1 Purple die
1 Specialty movement die
1 Specialty Neopoints die
DESCRIPTION - from the game
Welcome to Neopia, where life is one big game - and lots of little
ones!  Move your character token pawn around the gameboard, and
try your luck at the 7 Mini-Action games.  Anyone with a Ticket
card can play, and all winners collect NeoPoints coins!  Keep
playing games, collecting coins, and playing Random Event cards
that can suddenly change everything!  The first player to collect
5,000 or more NeoPoints wins!  See
Treasure games

Shipping Wt: Approx 2.5 lbs.
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#03678 Very Good Condition