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# SOLD - 1999 - 4 First Games game $19.95
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4 First Games
©1999, Ravensburger
Ages: 3 to 8
Players:  2 to 6
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Game Contents
1 Bird/Flower game board
1 Hot Dog/Round the Castle
game board
6 Wooden pawns
1 Green wooden pawn
1 Yellow wooden pawn
1 White wooden pawn
1 Blue wooden pawn
1 Red wooden pawn
1 Orange wooden pawn
20 Flower blossoms
4 Blue blossoms
4 Red blossoms
4 Orange blossoms
4 White blossoms
4 Yellow blossoms
12 Hot dog cards
1 Blue 2-dog card
2 Blue 1-dog cards
1 Pink 2-dog card
2 Pink 1-dog cards
2 Red 1-dog cards
1 Purple 2-dog card
1 Purple 1-dog card
1 Yellow 2-dog card
1 Yellow 1-dog card
12 Chance cards
1 Turtle chance card
1 Mouse chance card
1 Sun chance card
1 Lizard chance card
1 Bird chance card
1 Rabbit chance card
1 Moon chance card
1 Ladybug chance card
1 Frog chance card
1 Fish chance card
1 Butterfly chance card
1 Crowned girl chance card
1 Specialty 6-sided color die
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DESCRIPTION - from Ravensburger
This is a collection of games for children pre- and early primary school age.  The
games are especially suited for young children as the rules are clear and each game is
short duration, while also being full of fun and excitement.  Through the games the
children will be helped to learn the basics of playing games together.  Even a three
year-old has a chance to be a winner, as he only has to work with colour and picture
motifs.  Each of the 4 first games has a differently designed board, and the collection
as a whole offers graded stages of difficulty.   
Shipping Wt: Approx. 2.5 lbs.
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