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1997 Anastasia game
2003 Bionicle Mask Of Light game
2001 Bionicle Quest for Makuta game
2003 Builder Xtreme LEGO game
2000 Clifford The Big Red Dog Happy Birthday game
2003 Constructionary LEGO game
1999 Create-It LEGO game
1999 Creator Race to Build It LEGO game
1999 Curious George Beginning Middle End game
2006 DaVinci Code Board game
1992 Dinobones game
2002 Explore My First Builder LEGO game
1995 Great Gumball game
2004 Knights Kingdom LEGO game
2003 LEGO Builder Xtreme game
2003 LEGO Constructionary game
1999 LEGO Create-It game
1999 LEGO Creator Race to Build It game
2002 LEGO Explore My First Builder game
2004 LEGO Knights Kingdom game
2005 LEGO Make A Match Memory Matching game
2006 LEGO Pirate's Cove Search for the Treasure game
2001 LEGO Racers Super Speedway game
2005 LEGO Search for the Pirate's Treasure game
1997 LEGO Time Cruisers game
2002 Lord of the Rings Fellowship of the Ring game
2004 Lord of the Rings Return of the King game
2003 Lord of the Rings Two Towers game
1999 M&Ms Party game
1992 Magic Trolls End of the Rainbow game
2005 Make A Match Memory Matching game
1997 Melanie's Mall The Shopping game
2002 My First Builder LEGO game
2006 Pirate's Cove Search for the Treasure LEGO game
2005 Pirate's Treasure (Search for the) LEGO game
1994 Polly Pocket Party game
2001 Racers Super Speedway LEGO game
1995 Sealed with a Kiss game
2005 Search for the Pirates's Treasure LEGO game
2005 Simpsons Don't Panic game
1990 Simpsons Loser Takes All game
2003 Spiderman Swing into Action 3-D game
2003 Strawberryland game
1991 Swamp Thing game
1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza Power game
1995 White Unicorn game
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