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Publishers Index
1994 5 Alive Card game
1996 101 Dalmatians Spin for Spots game
2002 Adopt-A-Dog game
2005 American Girl 300 Wishes game
2007 American Girl Card game
1995 Atmosfear game (VCR Edition)
2003 Balderdash game
2009 Balderdash game
1995 Barbie Dress Up game
1999 Barbie Go Shopping game
2010 Barbie Pocket Learner
1960 Barbie Queen of the Prom game
1963 Barbie Queen of the Prom game (White, 2nd Ed)
1994 Barbie Queen of the Prom game
2000 Barbie Share or Dare Electronic Party game
1996 Barbie Sparkle Kingdom game
1980 Barbie Take A Personal Appearance game
2001 Barnum's Animals Crackers game
2000 Barnyard Bingo game
2003 Battling Tops game
1999 Big Game Guess Card game
2000 Boom-O Card game
2003 Break the Safe game
2004 Car-Go Fun Card UNO game
2004 Catastrophic Card game (Lemony Snicket's)
1986 Cathedral game
2012 Chameleon Crunch game
1998 Cinderella Storybook Princess Pop-Up 3-D game
2003 Classic Basketball Electronic game
2000 Classic Football game
2002 Classic Football 2 game
1985 Commercial Crazies VCR game
1996 Compatibility game
1992 Deluxe Skip-Bo game
2004 Disney Scene It The DVD game
2007 Disney Scene It Deluxe 2nd Ed DVD game
2001 Disney Princess Enchanted Dream Ball game
1999 Disney Tarzan Treetop Chase 3-D game
2002 Disney UNO Electronic game
1980 Dungeons & Dragons Electronic game
2002 Electronic Super Kerplunk game
2001 Enchanted Dream Ball game
1994 Five Alive Card game
1986 Flash Match Junior Children's VCR game
1986 Flash Match VCR game
1962 Flip Flop Go game
2007 Flippin Frogs game
1978 Football game (Portable Handheld Ed)
GuessWords game
2001 Harry Potter Adventure Hogwarts 3-D game
2002 Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets Trivia game
2000 Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone (Mystery at Hogwarts)
2001 Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone (Mystery at Hogwarts)
2000 Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone Trivia game
Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone Trivia game  (Prefect Ed.)
2003 Harry Potter Championship Quidditch game
2001 Harry Potter Diagon Alley game
2002 Harry Potter Halls of Hogwarts game
2001 Harry Potter Levitating Challenge game
2001 Harry Potter Professor Snape's Potion Class Set
2003 Harry Potter Rescue at Hogwarts game
2005 Harry Potter Scene It DVD game
2000 Harry Potter Sorcerer's Stone Quidditch Card game
2000 Harry Potter UNO Card game
2002 Harry Potter Whomping Willow game
2002 Harry Potter Wizard Chess game
1978 Hawaiian Punch game
1997 Hercules Save Mt. Olympus game
2001 Hilarium game
1991 Hook The Adventure game
1999 Hot Wheels Thunder Roller Electronic game
1993 inklings game
2001 Kerplunk game
2002 Kerplunk game  (35th Anniversary)
2006 Later Mater game
2004 Lemony Snicket's Catastrophic Card game
2006 Lie Detector Card game
1960 Lie Detector game
1987 Lie Detector game
1997 Little Mermaid Dream Come True game
1997 Little Mermaid Secrets of the Sea game
2006 MAD GAB Mania game
2009 MAD GABS Picto-Gabs Card game
1962 Magnetel game
1971 Magnetel game
1998 Mars and Venus on a Date Card game
1998 Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus game
1998 Mulan Matchin' Fashion game
2002 Name Dropper game
2006 Once Upon A Castle game
1992 Oops and Downs game
1999 Othello game
2004 Othello game  (Car-Go Fun Edition)
2008 Pictionary Man game
2005 Piranha Panic game
2001 Polly Pocket Wizard of Oz Set
1992 Pounce game
1986 Predicaments game
1998 Rebound game
2003 Rebound game
1997 Rhyme 'n Climb 3-D game
2001 Rock'em Sock'em Robots game
2008 Saucer Scramble game
2005 Scene It game (Sports Edition)
1992 Scrutineyes game
1992 Skip-Bo Deluxe game
2001 Skip-Bo Deluxe game
2003 Skip-Bo Deluxe game
1995 Skip-Bo Dice game
1995 Smud Works Activity Set
1996 Spin for Spots, 101 Dalmatians game
1963 Spy Detector game
2002 Super Kerplunk game
2000 Survivor Card game
2000 Survivor game
2000 Survivor the Australian Outback game
1971 Talking Football game
1977 Talking Monday Night Football game
1999 Tarzan Treetop Chase 3-D game
2008 Tetris 360 Electronic game  Model N9494
1999 Thinkblot game
2005 Tip It game
1999 Tommy's Reptar Toss game
1992 Top Dog game
2008 Toss Across game
1996 Toy Story: Toys Away game
2006 TriBond Bible Edition game
2005 Tumblin' Monkeys game
1992 Tyrannosaurus Rocks game
2002 UNO Blitzo game
2004 UNO Car-Go Fun Card game
2003 UNO Card game
2010 UNO Card game (40th Anniversary)
1993 UNO Deluxe Card game
2007 UNO Deluxe Card game
2002 UNO Disney Electronic game
1994 UNO Dominos game
1999 UNO Electronic game
2002 UNO Electronic game
2007 UNO Flash game
2007 UNO Golden Compass Card game
1994 UNO Hearts Card game
1995 UNO King Size Card game
1995 UNO Madness game
2003 UNO My First Card game  (Disney Edition)
1993 UNO Rummy-Up game
1994 UNO STACKO game
1999 UNO STACKO game
2008 UNO Toy Story I Card game
1999 UNO X-Games game
1978 Up for Grabs game
1992 Wayne's World 3-D Card game
1992 Wayne's World Not! Dice game
1992 Wayne's World VCR game
1986 Whack Attack game
1997 Wheel of Fortune game
Wild Thornberrys Big Game Guess Card game
1999 Wild Thornberrys Snapshot Safari game
Wonderful World of Disney Charades game (Tin box)
Wonderful World of Disney Trivia game (Tin box)
Wonderful World of Music game
2000 Word Crossing game  (Wonderful World of Disney)
1978 Word War game
2002 Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium game
Mattel Games
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