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2002 1, 2, 3 Go game
1991 A B Seas game
2006 A B Seas game
2006 A to Z Junior game
1986 Adventure Floor Puzzle
Air-musement Park game
1990 Animal Dominos game
1987 Bazaar game
1994 Bazaar game (Special Edition)
2001 Bear Blocks game
2003 Bears, Boats & Butterflies (Puzzle)
2007 Brain game
2000 Busy Bugs Learning Set
2009 Busy Bugs Learning Set
1995 Chess (Right Moves) Set
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2000 Color Connection Maze game
1988 Color Train game
1993 Count Dino's Number Marathon game
1994 Cover-Up game
Crazy Cubes Creative Comedy Kit
1999 Crosstrack Challenge game
1994 Crosstrack game
1993 Domino Circus game
2004 Domino Road game
1986 Early Discoveries game
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Eldorado game
1986 Emperor's Challenge game
2000 Flip Flop Faces game
2009 Flip Flop Faces game
1992 Follow Your Nose game
2005 Fractions Supreme Pizza game
1992 Freeze Frame game
1999 Games to Grow On game
1991 Gearopolis Set
Giant Dice game
1990 Giant Pegboard
1997 Giant Peg Board       
Giant Peg board
2005 Green Gators Card game
1994 Hear The World game
1992 Jewels in the Attic game
1992 Jungle Rumba game
1989 Listen and Do game
1985 Magic 4 game
0000 Marble Magic Set
0000 Marble Works Set
2004 Marbleous Mosaics
2001 Money Money game
1992 Mosaic Mysteries
1993 Never Ending Stories game
2002 Number Rings game
1988 Oh Rats game
2000 Oh Rats game
1988 Oonie Moonie Goonie game
1993 Pentominoes game
1987 Pick-It game
2000 Pizza, Paint & Pie Phonics Puzzle
1990 Place & Trace game
Playful Patterns Design Activity
1996 Playful Patterns Design Activity
2005 Playful Patterns Design Activity
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2000 Pool Party game
1991 Progressive Puzzles game
2007 Quick Call Card game
1995 Rainbow Words game
1986 Rainbows, Rabbits & Roses puzzle
1992 Rainbows, Rabbits & Roses puzzle
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1995 Right Moves Chess Set
1976 Ring-A-Round game
2004 Roll & Play game
1999 Rush Hour game
1986 Shuttles game
1991 Shuttles game  (Mini Strategy)
2000 Shuttles game
1988 Sticks N Barrels game
1994 Silly Expressions game
1993 Silly Shadows game
2010 Tactico game
1997 Tactominoes Set
0000 Tangram Puzzle
Tongue Twisters game
1998 Tongue Twisters game
2006 Totally Tut game
1997 Tote-n-Tiles Mosaic Tiles Set
1997 Traffic Jam Strategy game
1999 Travel Tracks Adventure Raceway
2001 Traveling Trunks game
1993 Triple Traveler game       
Tutti Frutti Card game
2005 Tutti Frutti Card game
2006 Unjumble game Discovery Toys
What's Different? Matching game
1987 What's That Sound? game
2001 What's That Sound? game
2004 What's That Sound? game
2005 Wild Woods game
1999 Wiz Kid game
2003 Word Flip game
2009 Word Flip game
1995 Word Trio game
1986 X from Outer Space game
Discovery Toys Games
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