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Publishers Q to S
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Qfree Games
2002 Wordrop game

Quercetti Sets
2007 Marble Run Automatic Elevator Set
1997 Pallino Mosaic Machine

QuikTrip Corp Games
2008 Quikopoly game (50th Anniversary)

R & R Games
1998 SOLD The Antique Dealer 2nd Ed game

R. D. Retort Enterprises Games
1987 OBOL game

R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. Games
1992 Camel Card game

R. Ross Games
1987 7-11-21 game

Radica Games
2005 20 Q Challenge Electronic game
2003 20 Q Electronic Handheld game
2005 20 Q Party Deluxe Electronic game
1996 Bass Fishin Handheld game
1997 Bass Fishin Junior Electronic game
2003 Bass Fishin Legends of the Lake game
1997 Bass Fishin Lunker Electronic game
2000 Bass Fishin Sport Electronic game
1995 Big Screen Blackjack 21 Handheld game
2005 Big Screen Hearts Handheld game
2005 Big Screen Poker Handheld game
2004 Big Screen Slot Handheld game
1999 Big Screen Solitaire Handheld game
2004 Big Screen Solitaire Handheld game
2008 Big Screen Solitaire Electronic game
2002 Big Screen Tetris Handheld game
2005 Big Screen Tetris Handheld game (Lighted)
Big Screen Tetris Handheld game (Lighted)
Checkers Electronic Handheld game
2000 Checkers Electronic Handheld game
2007 Checkers Electronic Handheld game
2003 Dare Ya game
1999 Free Cell Electronic game
2003 Free Cell Solitaire Lighted game
2001 Flip Top Poker game (Model 72001)
2006 Flip Top Solitaire game (Model 77004)
1998 Gin Rummy Handheld game
2005 Hearts Big Screen Handheld game
1997 Junior Bass Fishin Electronic game
0000 Keno Handheld game (Model 1480)
1998 NASCAR Racer Electronic game      
King Pin Bowling Electronic game
2001 King Pin Bowling Electronic game
See Lighted Handheld games
1998 Pocket Solitaire game (Model I9916)
2000 Pocket Solitaire game (Model 72009)
2003 Slots Lighted Electronic game (Model 74006)
2000 Solitaire Electronic game (Model 72003)
2006 Solitaire Flip Flop Electronic game
1998 Solitaire Electronic game (Model I9916)
1995 Solitaire Klondike game (Model 2320)
1997 Solitaire Lite Handheld game (Model 73016)
2002 Solitaire Lite Handheld game (Model 73016)
2000 Sport Bass Fishin game (Model 71014)  
Talking Bingo Electronic game
2006 Tetris Fliptop Electronic game
2003 Tetris Tower 3-D game
2005 Texas Hold'Em World Poker Tour game
2004 Tic Tac Toe 3-D Electronic game  (75011)
1998 Tic Tac Toe Electronic game
1999 Tiger Woods Tournament Golf game
1999 Tournament Golf game  (Monte Carlo)
Trail Burner Electronic game

Radio Shack Games
2003 Classic Basketball Electronic game
1987 Computerized Chess game (Model 1650)
1990 Electronic Sea Battle game
0000 Fun 'N Skill game
1987 LCD Highway game (Cat 60-2222)
1997 Othello Electronic Handheld game
1990 Sea Battle Electronic game
2001 Solitaire Handheld game (Model 60-2697)
1991 Stack Challenge LCD game (Model 60-2247)
2002 Talking E-Chess game (Model 60-2846)
See Tandy Corporation games

Rainbow Games
1985 Take A Letter game

Rainfall Educational Toys
1997 Adventures Odyssey at Whit's End game
1996 Bible Categories game  
Bible Challenge game
1995 Bible Charades game
1986 Choices game
1988 Choices game (Revised Edition)
In Other Words game  (Bible Edition)
Kid's Choices game
1996 Kid's Choices game  (The New)
Money Matters game
1998 Money Matters for Kids game
1996 New Teen Choices game
1991 Teen Choices game

Rainy Day Designs Games
1989 Stampin' game

Ralph Anspach Games
1974 Anti-Monopoly game
1987 Anti-Monopoly II game
2005 Anti-Monopoly game

Ramco Games
0000 Knot Tying Card game (Boater's Challenge)
Knot Tying Card game (Fisherman's)
Old New Testament Trivia Quiz game

Random House Games
1989 MADCAP Monkey Business game
1989 Octopus game

Ravensburger Games
2002 3 D Labyrinth game
1977 4 First Games
1999 4 First Games
2004 4 First Games
1978 Alcazar game
1986 Alphabet Race game
0000 Alphabet Zoop Card game
1996 Alphabet Zoop Card game
1988 Amazing Labyrinth game
2002 Amazing Labyrinth game
2000 Arthur's Get Together game
1992 At the Beach game
1985 Baby Animal Lotto game
1983 Barricade game
1996 Best Number Game Ever game
2000 Buggo game
1996 Busytown Board game
2003 Cat & Mouse game
1989 Children of the World game
2006 Chuck-It Chicken game
1998 Coco Crazy game
1996 Colorama game
1993 Crossed Wires game
Cuckoo's Nest game
1995 Curious George Match-A-Balloon game
1999 Curious George Take It Away game
1994 Derby Days game
1985 Differix game
2008 Disney Fairies Magical Flower Garden game
1999 Elephant Ride game
1982 Enchanted Forest game
1985 Enchanted Forest game
1987 Enchanted Forest game
1990 Enchanted Forest game
1994 Enchanted Forest game
1988 Eureka game
2002 Figurix game
1988 First to Reverse game
1994 Fishin Fun game
0000 Foot Loose game
2000 Get-Up and Go game
1992 Ghost Party game
1997 Go Go Giraffe game
1985 Hare and Tortoise game
1994 Haunted Clock Tower game
1992 Haunted Wood game
1986 Heimlich & Co. game
2002 Here A Chick, There A Chick game
1989 Hide and Seek game
1982 Journey Through Europe game
1990 Journey Through Europe game
1995 Junior Labyrinth game
2001 Labyrinth Card game
2017 Labyrinth game
1995 Labyrinth Junior game
2006 Labyrinth Treasure Hunt game
2008 Log Jam game
2003 Lotto game
1986 Lucky Ducks game
1999 Madeline and the Gypsies game
1993 Madeline game (Find Her Puppies)
2001 Madeline game
1995 Madeline's House game
2008 Magical Flower Garden game
1994 Magor The Magician game
2004 Make 'N' Break game
1991 Master Labyrinth game
1988 Math Race game
1995 Maulwurf Company game
1989 Midnight Party game
2006 Mix & Match Princess game
1995 Mole in the Hole game
1993 Mothers & Their Babies game
1994 My Dinosaur Lotto game
1995 My First Board Games
1988 My First Lotto game
1992 Mystery Garden game
2000 Mystery Garden game
2011 Mystery Garden game
1992 No Peeking game
2000 Number Detective game
1982 Off to the Tower game
2002 Open Sesame game
1991 P is for Pop Corn game
1995 Pack and Stack game
1998 Penguin Picnic game
1996 Penguin Pile-Up game
2000 Pinky game
2001 Pirate's Treasure game
2006 Princess Mix & Match game
1982 Race to the Roof game
1988 Race to the Roof game
2002 Race to the Roof game
1999 Rainbow Fish game
2002 Rainbow Fish & the Big Blue Whale game
Ring Around the Rosy game
1989 Rivers, Roads and Rails game
2011 Rivers, Roads and Rails game
1990 Robin Hood game
1991 Scotland Yard game
1996 Scotland Yard game
1993 Secret Garden game
1998 Secret Labyrinth game
1991 Secrets of the Deep game
1991 Shapes and Colors game
1994 Snail's Pace Race game
2002 Snail's Pace Race game
1991 Snitch, What missing game
1999 Sphinx game
1987 Squirrel game
1999 Stacrobats game
1980 Symmetrix game
1990 Tell-A-Story game
1991 Tell-A-Story game
2003 Tell-A-Story game
1999 Things in My House game
2000 TIKAL game
1995 Tip the Ship game
1996 Treasure Quest game
1999 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star game
1986 Under Cover game
1975 Viaduct game
1991 What's My Name game
2011 Whoowasit? game
2005 Wild Pirates game
1986 Wildlife Adventure game
1996 Wonder Garden game
1984 Word Wheel game
1997 Word Whiz game
1999 Zoo Food game

Recreational Facilities Games
1983 MA BELL The New Monopoly game

Red Storm Entertainment Games
1997 Tom Clancy's Politika game

Reed Enterprises Games
2001 For The Record Music Trivia game (80s-90s)

Reed Toys Games
0000 Perfection game

Reg Gundy Games
1986 Sale of the Century game  

Regev Games
1979 Magnastiks game

Regina Games
1970 Husker Du? game (blue box)
Husker Du? game (red box)

Reilly O' Company
1985 Luck O' The Irish game

Reiss Games
1974 1776 game
1973 Auto Backgammon game
1975 Backgammon game
1977 Blitz game
1974 Chug-A-Lug game
1974 Compatibility game
1974 Flustration game
1974 GO game
1977 GO game
1971 Lie, Cheat & Steal game
1976 Lie, Cheat & Steal game
1977 Mary Hartman Mary Hartman game
1971 Next President game
1974 Think Twice game
1974 Xaviera's game

Remco Games
0000 Fascination game
1968 Fascination game
1962 Fascination Checkers game
1962 Fascination Pool game

Research Games, Inc.
1975 Creature Features game
1973 Vince Lombard's game
1974 Weekend in Vegas game

Resolution Concepts Games
1991 Resolution game

Resource Games
1995 Atlas in a Box game
1993 Take Off game
1994 Take Off game
1997 Take Off game
2001 Take Off game
2003 Take Off game
Retro Range Games
2009 Jack Straws game

Reveal Entertainment Games
2001 Casinopoly game
1996 Triopoly game
1998 Triopoly game

Review and Herald Games
2000 Miracles and Pitfalls game

Ribbit Toy Company Games
1981 Stock Car Racing game

Rigely Banada Games
1971 Checkers III game

Rio Grande Games
2001 By Golly Card game
2000 Carcassonne game
2005 Dragonriders game
1973 Hare and Tortoise game
1997 Lowenherz game
2004 Mall World game
2007 Zooloretto game

RJS Architects Inc. Games
2009 Bailout game

R L Group Games
1988 Novi game

Robert Moore Games
1987 Cathedral game

Rocket Games
2015 Pie Face game

Rodgers and Cauthen Games
1974 Agri-Venture game

Rohrwood Inc Games
1989 NFL Franchise game

RoseArt Games
1997 Anastasia game
2003 Bionicle Mask Of Light game
2001 Bionicle Quest for Makuta game
2003 Builder Xtreme LEGO game
2000 Clifford Big Red Dog Happy B-Day game
1999 Create-It LEGO game
1999 Creator Race to Build It LEGO game
1999 Curious George Beginning Middle End game
2006 DaVinci Code Board game
1992 Dinobones game
2005 Don't Panic game (Simpsons)
Great Gumball game
2004 Knights Kingdom game
2003 LEGO Builder Xtreme game
2003 LEGO Constructionary game
1999 LEGO Create-It game
1999 LEGO Creator Race to Build It game
2002 LEGO Explore My First Builder game
2004 LEGO Knights Kingdom game
2005 LEGO Make A Match game
2006 LEGO Pirate's Cove Search for Treasure
2001 LEGO Racers Super Speedway game
1997 LEGO Time Cruisers game
2002 Lord of the Rings Fellowship of the Ring
2004 Lord of the Rings Return of the King game
2003 Lord of the Rings Two Towers game
1999 M&Ms Party game
1992 Magic Trolls End of the Rainbow game
2005 Make A Match Memory Matching game
1997 Melanie's Mall The Shopping game
2002 My First Builder game (LEGO game)
Pirate's Cove Search for Treasure game
2005 Pirate's Treasure (Search for) LEGO game
1994 Polly Pocket Party game
1995 Sealed with a Kiss game
2005 Search for the Pirates's Treasure game
2006 Simpsons Don't Panic game
Simpsons Loser Takes All game
2003 Spiderman Swing into Action 3-D game
Strawberryland game
1991 Swamp Thing game
1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza game
1995 White Unicorn game

Royal Jumbo Games
2016 Stratego Original game

Rumba Games
2002 Urban Myth game

Russell Games
1984 Giant Old Maid game (Mother Goose Ed)

Russel Viers Games
2001 Gazette Board game

Rykodisc Games
1991 Play It By Ear game
1992 Play It By Ear game  (Volume 2)

S. J. Miller Games
1964 Royalty Word game

Sababa Toys Games
2006 Dragonology game
2006 Happy Feet Mumble's Tumble game
2005 Picture That game
2005 Pumpkin King game
Scrabble Pirates of the Caribbean game
2007 UNO Golden Compass Card game S

Sabas & Carney Games
1957 Crazy Horse game

Sagarian Entertainment Games
1998 Sagarian game

Saalfield Publishing Games
1954 Blockhead game
1971 Blockhead game
1968 Check-O game

Saitek Games
2004 No Limit Texas Hold'Em Handheld game

Samico Games
1988 Ciphagrams game

Samsonite Division Games
1960s Pro Football Samsonite game

Sandcastle Design
1987 Loose Connections game

Sarah Ponsonby
1985 Garden game  (2nd Edition)

Saxton Freymann Games
2007 Simple Words Puzzle Pairs Activity

Schaffer Games
1997 4 Scene Sequencing Cards
1988 6-Scene Sequencing Cards
1997 6-Scene Sequencing Cards

Schaper Games
1969 Ants in the Pants game
1968 Big Mouth game
1986 Cat's Eye game
1949 Cootie game
1976 Cootie game
1977 Don't Break the Ice game
1970 Don't Cook Your Goose game
1980 Don't Miss the Boat game
1967 Don't Spill the Beans game
1978 Don't Spill the Beans game
1977 Finders Keepers game
1976 Get Off My Back game
1968 Huff 'n Puff game
1964 King of the Hill game
1965 King of the Hill game
1966 Last Straw game
0000 Mill game
1972 Money Card game
0000 Pig in the Garden game
1968 Pull the Rug Out game
0000 Put and Take game
1956 Put and Take game
1966 Shake Bingo game
1969 Shake Bingo game
1977 Shake Bingo game
0000 Squares game
1952 Stadium Checkers game
1971 Stadium Checkers game
1973 Stadium Checkers game
1976 Stadium Checkers game
1977 Super Jock Baseball game
1976 Super Jock Super Toe Football game
1976 Super Jock Super Touch Basketball game
1976 Super Stick Super Jock Hockey game
1981 Techmate game
1956 Tickle Bee game
1976 Tiddle Tac Toe game
1980 Tournament Stadium Checkers game
1971 Tumble Bug game
1960s Twizzle game

School Zone Publishing Games
1994 Five-State Rummy Card game
2000 Old Maid game School Zone

Scholastic Inc. Games
1999 Animorphs game Set One

Schuco Games
1976 Amaze game

Schylling Games
0000 Classic Wooden Pinball game
2001 Pinball Baseball game
0000 Snap Jacks game
2001 Speedway Auto Racer Set
0000 Steel Builder Set

Scott Sampson Games
1987 Travel Buff game

Screenlife LLC. Games
2008 Disney Scene It The DVD game (2nd Ed)
Disney Scene It Deluxe DVD game
2005 Friends Scene It The DVD gagme
2005 Friends Scene It Deluxe Ed The DVD game
2005 Harry Potter Scene It DVD game Mattel
Harry Potter Scene It Deluxe Ed DVD game
2007 Disney Scene It Deluxe 2nd Ed DVD game
Jr. Scene It game
2005 Quip It game
2005 Scene It Friends The DVD gagme
2005 Scene It Friends Deluxe Ed The DVD game
2009 Star Trek Scene It The DVD game

Sculprit Inc Games
1988 Sculprit game

Search Party Inc Games
1993 Search Party game

Selchow & Righter Games
1985 Alfreds Other game (Scrabble Ed)
Amusement Land game
1975 Anagrams (Scoring) game
1978 Babes in Toyland game
1964 Bewtich game
1971 Bride game
1967 Bridge for Juniors game
1938 Cabby game
1977 Cattlemen game
0000 Chess game
1972 Cooks Tour game
1964 Crossword Cubes game
1968 Crossword Cubes game
1976 Crossword Cubes game
1976 Crossword Dominoes game
1987 Dr. Tangle game
1975 Duplicate Crossword game
1982 Duplicate Crossword game
1970 Emily Post Popularity game
1975 Escape from the CASBAH game
1964 Gingerbread Man game
1965 Go For Broke game
1977 Go For Broke game
1985 Go For Broke game
1981 Hog Tied game
1983 Ipswich game
1973 Jotto game
1985 Life Magazine Remembers game
1978 Little Orphan Annie Pursuit game
1972 Lottery game
1965 MacDonald's Farm game
1953 Meet the Presidents game
1965 Meet the Presidents game
1968 Numble game
1974 Old Shell (The) game
1946 Parcheesi game
1959 Parcheesi game .
Parcheesi game
1967 Parcheesi game
1975 Parcheesi game
1982 Parcheesi game (Deluxe Edition)
Selchow & Righter Games (continued)
1978 Pass It On game
1987 Perfection game
1978 Quick Quiz game
1981 Quip Qubes game
1985 Qwink game
1964 Roman X game
1971 RPM Edition Scrabble game
1966 RSVP three dimensional crossword game
1958 RSVP Vertical Crossword game
1976 Russian Roulette game
1982 Safecrack game
1975 Scoring Anagrams game
1985 Scrabble Alfreds Other game
1976 Scrabble, Crossword/Dominoes
1964 Scrabble Crossword for Juniors game (2d Ed)
Scrabble Crossword for Juniors game 4th Ed
Scrabble Crossword for Juniors game 5th Ed
Scrabble Crossword game (Large Type Ed)
Scrabble Deluxe Edition game
1977 Scrabble Deluxe Edition game
1982 Scrabble Deluxe Edition game
1987 Scrabble Deluxe Edition game
1975 Scrabble Duplicate Crossword game
1982 Scrabble Duplicate Crossword game
1953 Scrabble game
1976 Scrabble game
2001 Scrabble, Game Folio Edition game
Scrabble Rebus game
1971 Scrabble RPM Edition game
1958 Scrabble, RSVP 3-D crossword game
1966 Scrabble, RSVP 3-D crossword game
1977 Scrabble Travel Edition game
1981 Scrabble Upper Hand game
1971 Sentence Cube game
1983 Sentence Cube game
1974 The Old Shell game
1977 Tic Tac Toe Times 10 game
1983 Trivial Pursuit, All Star Sports
1983 Trivial Pursuit, Baby Boomer CS game
1986 Trivial Pursuit, Disney Family CS game
1981 Trivial Pursuit, Genus Edition MG game
1981 Trivial Pursuit, Genus Edition Trunk game
1979 Trivial Pursuit, Genus II MG game
Trivial Pursuit, Genus II CS game
1994 Trivial Pursuit, Genus III game
Trivial Pursuit, RPM Edition CS game
1981 Trivial Pursuit, Silver Screen CS game
1985 Trivial Pursuit, Disney Family Ed. game
Tumble Numble game
1987 TV Scrabble game
1986 UBI game
1981 Upper Hand Scrabble game
1977 UR Royal Game of Sumer game
1981 Vis-a-Vis game
1966 What shall I be game
Whodunit game
1985 Whodunit game
1987 Word Rummy game
1986 World According to UBI

Self-Esteem Inc Games
2003 Self-Esteem game

SET Enterprises Games
2004 Jurassic Jumble Card game
1991 SET game
2012 SET Junior game
1994 Triology game

Sevedeo Vigil Games
1986 Stretch Call game

Seven Towns Games
1972 London game
1987 Rubik's Magic Strategy game

Shafir Games
1985 Logi game

Sharper Image Games
2007 New York Times Chess w Touch Screen
2005 Texas Hold'Em Tourna Electronic game

Shelcore Games
1988 Snap Action Baseball game

Sherwood Enterprises Games
1992 Horse Sense game

Shoptaugh Games
1996 Crosstrack game
1983 Shuttles game
1996 Shuttles game

Side Saddle LLC Games
1998 Cowgirls game

Siler/Siler Ventures Games
1997 Terrace game

Simco Enterprises Games
1974 OK game

Simitar Games
1985 Pro Football VCR game

Skor-Mor Games
0000 19th Hole game
1976 Chess in the Third Dimension game
0000 Create-A-Cubes The Probability Puzzler
Educational Kit No.1
1977 Sports Yesteryear game
0000 Steiffel Tower game
1981 Sudden Score game
0000 Thinking Mans 34 Puzzle
1970 Turn Tac Toe game
1973 Yesteryear Trivia game

Smart Kids Games
2003 8 Spelling Board games

Smethport Specialty Company Games
1997 Number Express game
1994 Spin Bingo game
1988 State to State game

Sonoma Games
1989 Triviata game

Sophisticated Games
2008 Arthur Saves the Planet game
2001 Hobbit The Defeat of Evil Dragon Smaug
2004 Ingenious game
2001 Lord of the Rings game

Sound Recording
1992 Jukebox Trivia game

Southold Game Corp. Games
1980 Assassin! The Final game

Sowerwine Golf Solutions Games
2007 Birdies and Bogies game

Spare Time Game & Toy Co. Games
1959 International Rummy game

Speechmark Games
1991 Color Card Sequencing Set (Social Situations)

SPI Games
1981 Dragonslayer game

Spin Master Games
2005 Captain Bones Gold game
2011 Dr. Dreadful Scabs N' Guts game
2012 Fact or Crap game (Hollywood Edition)
Hedbanz game
2011 Hedbanz Disney Edition game
2011 Would You Rather game

Spinnaker Software Company Games
1986 Agatha Christie: Behind the Screen game

Sports Dynasty Games
1993 Sports Dynasty game

Sports Illustrated Games
1971 Sports Illustrated College Football game

Springbok Games
1985 Horse Trader game

Spruce Street Six Games
0000 What Would Zaki Do? game

St. Croix Inc Games
1971 The Welfare game

Stancraft Products Games
1971 Bowling Let's Bowl A Game
1979 Craps Hoyle game
1971 Football game
1977 Hoyle Rummy game
1972 Take A Chance Deluxe Party game

Standard Publishing Games
2000 Bible Baseball game
2004 Bible Baseball game
1994 Bible Tic Tak Toe game
2004 Mystery Museum game
2004 Noah's Rainbow Race Board game
2004 Young Reader's Bible Trivia game

Steve Jackson Games
1996 Dino Hunt Bring 'Em Back Alive game
1986 GURPS game
2004 Munchkin Blender Card Game Expansion
2001 Munchkin game
2007 Munchkin Card game
2008 Munchkin Quest game

Stewart, Tabori & Chang Games
1997 Feng Shui Game Pack

Stillmore Games
1968 Five Straight game
2001 Five Straight game

STOPS (Canada) Games
1996 STOPS game  (North American Edition)
1998 STOPS game  (American Edition)

Strat-O-Matic Games
1976 Strat-O-Matic Baseball game
1994 Strat-O-Matic Baseball game
1995 Strat-O-Matic Baseball game
1982 Strat-O-Matic Pro Football game
2000 Strat-O-Matic Pro Football game

Strategy Golf Inc Games
1990 Strategy Golf game

Sunnywood Inc. Games
2003 Hijara game
2003 Mozaic game

Sunrise Publishing Games
1980 Capitol Rummy game

Suntex International Games
1984 Mhing Card game
1989 Twenty Four game

1999 Friends game

Swainson Hawke Games
1990 Brainsweat game

Synsia Corporation Games
2004 Booktastic game