Don's Game Closet

May 14, 2019  The Abolone game arrived perfectly packaged and in
pristine condition. WOW!!!  Talk about incredible service!!!  Great
job!!  I have dealt with countless businesses over the years.  
Unarguably, yours is the best. I will definitely order again from you.

March 28, 2019  I got the package for all the games.  I haven’t
opened the boxes yet, but I am itching too.  I will play them with
my kids.  I played Trippples years ago with my oldest daughter and
Trouble with all my kids  so I know those two are winners.  I’m
really excited to play Chess 4.  I think that will be a great one.  Also
lookibg forward to Chessers.  Thanks also for the Tetris game.  My
youngest daughter will like that for sure.  The packaging of the
games was superb.  I appreciate all the games arriving in good

March 25, 2019
 Don , Looks like you came through again !!  I
don't know how you do it , but I sure appreciate your service.
Thank you very much ,

February 15, 2019  
Don et al - Thanks.  What an amazing
business!  Rick

January 4, 2019 Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge
with of old board games with me.  I did go thru my Manhunt game
and it is missing a couple of pieces. I hope to go thru the rest of the
games this weekend.  I am going to try to part out the pivot pool and
skittle games. Again thank you for all your information.  

January 2, 2019  
I did receive them (my games) Monday. Thank
you for the prompt service.  


December 31, 2018  I am looking forward to the game, it is a
birthday present for myself.....Happy New Year's Eve! My game
came today and I couldn't be happier.  Thank you for outstanding

December 27, 2018  
THANKS for saving the day!  Now I can play
this game from my childhood with my daughters!!  

December 26, 2018
 I just received Impact Zone game and it is in
amazing shape. Thank you for working so hard to insure it got to me
in this excellent condition!  I’m very pleased.  I hope you and your
family have enjoyed the holidays, and have a wonderful and
successful 2019!!  Cheers,  

December 19, 2018  
I called Don's Game Closet and was surprised
to have Don at the other end of the phone.  I had questions about
different editions of a particular game and he was very kind and
helpful to me.  He is very knowledgeable about games, shipping and
responding to personal needs, so I ordered this game.  Wow, it
arrived in record time and is in wonderful condition.  I called him to
thank him for his outstanding service.  I would highly recommend
shopping here as this is a good honest business.  

November 15, 2018  I have ordered game rules for 2 board games
we used to play all of the time and loved. We found the boards but
no rules. I went to
Don's Game Closet and ordered the game rules.
They were emailed to me the same day and I printed them out. I
could not find these rules anywhere else on the Internet. Excellent
service and humongous selection of games and game rules.
Unbelievable selection.  

November 13, 2018  
WOW!  Thank you so much!  Just received
HOTELS and I am thrilled!  My husband always loved playing this
game with my daughter years ago and I purchased this as a special
surprise for him.  The condition of this is Excellent - just as you
advertised.  Everything is in wonderful condition and every piece
there!  Shipping was prompt and the game was wall packed.  
Absolutely 100% delighted and not possible to even hint at any
negative.  Don went the extra mile and sought out the correct
address and my game arrived as originally promised.  Thank you so
much, everyone at Don’s Game Closet.  Will be happy to buy from
you again and recommend you to anyone looking for out of print

October 27, 2018  
Got them.  You guys are awesome! Thanks

October 7, 2018  
Thank you so much for your very kind and
responsive email. I really appreciate it.  I also appreciate your
generous offer to send the new game as a replacement. Thank you
so much for offering that and offering such fantastic and
personalized customer service.  Many thanks,

October 3, 2018  
Loved my game! Thank you so much! Kristy

August 7, 2018  
I bought a wooden Monopoly, Michael Graves
Edition, from 2002. When I opened my package I could not believe
my eyes! The game was brand new!! Everything was sealed. The
wood is in mint condition. All the deeds, cards, money and dice
were sealed in factory plastic. I've been looking for this exact set for
a while now. Very hard to find. I'm super happy with my purchase.
While browsing the site I saw numerous hard to find games and
really great prices. This is absolutely the go-to place for board
games. Excellent customer service (I spoke with Don himself, really
nice guy). He even contacted me the day I received my package to
make sure I was happy with it. Fast shipping. I ordered it in the
middle of the night and it was shipped in the morning. It says open
24 hours and they actually are open 24/7. Definitely reputable and

July 19, 2018  
Thank you so much for getting this (rules) to me
tonight!  My kids found the game on my game shelf, but the box
with instructions was lost long ago. They'll be excited to hear they
can play after all!  I received the instructions and was able to read
them just fine.

July 18, 2018  
I just wanted to tell you I received the (3) games
today, they are in better condition than I expected! I will be placing
another order very soon. Thank you again!  

July 13, 2018
 Got the rules. Thanks so much. Going to a family
game week. Lots and lots of games. Pigmania is the one game I'm

June 19, 2018  
Hello and thank you, we got it.  Jens

June 10, 2018  
Shipment arrived on Friday!!  Thank you. Games
brought back lots of good memories. Looking forward to playing
them with my grandson. Thanks again!  

June 5, 2018  
Thanks so much for your help and for making sure
that old unappreciated games did not end up in the garbage—you
help folks like me complete their games and keep them in play.

May 19, 2018  
All 5 games in my order arrived as described, on-
time and undamaged.   Thank you for your great service    

April 23, 2018
 We are so happy with all of our games that arrived
today in perfect order.  Thank you very kindly.  It is a pleasure to
do business with all of you at Don's Game Closet.  I enjoyed talking
with you Don the other night!  Thanks again.   

March 7, 2018  
Hello Don, My family is thrilled with our recently
ordered game.  You guys are the best!

February 5, 2018  
Yeah, I received the (rules) download today,
downloaded and printed, so I know I have it.  Thanks a lot,

January 21, 2018  
Cannot thank you enough!! You’ve probably
heard this situation before: I moved to a "new-to-me" school and
found game pieces, yet don’t know the game rules.  My students
will be eager to play.  I’ll certainly check other games and purchase
from you as often as possible. What a phenomenal service. Again,

January 19, 2018  
I have the rules now thanks.  That's excellent.
It is great there is a repository for rules of games like this. Keep it
going.  Many thanks.  

January 11, 2018  
I have searched high and low, digital hither &
google yon for these rules without success. You have an impressive
list here that, unfortunately, doesn't include this game. Sure hope
you folks can find this for me.  Looking at your website, it seems
like if anybody can find this rule set, YOU can. Sincerely,
January 16, 2018  
Rules received, thank you very much! Bryan


December 18, 2017 I received my Code Name: Sector game today,
put the 9-Volt battery in the battery compartment and it works
great.  It looks unused too.  Thanks so much and Merry Christmas
to you.  

December 7, 2017  
Hello!  I never thought I'd be able to write this e-
mail but the day has finally come - I've found someone who
remembers Hoppin' Poppin' Spaceballs (Buzz Lightyear Edition)
©1997, DSI Toys. My mother bought this game for me when I was
a child and we'd play together almost every day. It eventually broke
and we were never able to find it again. Now, 20 years later, I've
finally come across Don's Game Closet. Have a very Merry
Christmas and a Happy New Year,  

November 29, 2017  
Thank you for your service.  I did receive the
instructions and am very happy.  Have a great day,

November 25, 2017  
My parents recently purchased a collectors
edition Whitman 1968 Stock Market game with all original pieces as
a birthday gift for me. I just wanted to tell you Thank you as it is
fantastic and I am very pleased.  I love games so I will try to shop
with you when I can. We have a copy of it, but it was incomplete.
Again, I sincerely thank you for selling this to my parents.

November 15, 2017  
Thank you so much!!! Got them.  Terri

November 5, 2017  I want to thank you for responding to my email
with the game's name.  I happened upon a thrift store that had an
Outta Control game for $1.50, so I had to buy. Thanks again for
your time.  

Novemeber 4, 2017  
Thank you. Yes, I received the game rules.
Very speedy and efficient.

October 18, 2017  
I received my game today and was surprised at
how fast your service is.  My game was well-packed and is in great
condition.  I will be ordering more games from you for the holidays.  
Thanks for your wonderful service.  

September 1, 2017  Great! Thanks for being awesome with
communication. . . I'll be placing an order for the game next week.  

July 10, 2017  
I just wanted to let you know the new Spino/Trex
battle game arrived in perfect condition!  I appreciate all the special
wrapping!  It worked! My grandson will be ecstatic!  Thank you so  
much for all your help! Have a great day!

March 10, 2017  
I'm a game collector, buyer, seller, lover and I'm
always looking for instructions/rules that are missing out of games...
especially rare and vintage production, obscure
games. I just stumbled across your site during a Google search for a
game. Just for fun, I looked up a few really obscure games I have in
your listings, and you actually have the instructions for these games,
so I know you have a great selection. Wow...I'm not sure how you
got all these instructions, but from now'll be my Go-to
when I can't find game rules/instructions. Nice to find you.  

January 15, 2017  
Thank you so much for these instructions.  I
often frequent a store that sells used games.  I'll keep you in mind
the next time I come across an unruly game. These are just what
I need.  

January 14, 2017  
I look forward to continuing purchasing from
your site.  I have always received quality items that were packaged
with care and accurately described.  Best regards,  

January 14, 2017  
I have not forgot about you!!  I bought a game
from you a while back...and I CHEERS you every time the game is
pulled out.  

January 7, 2017  
By the way, I love your web site.  I use it quite
often as a reference.  


December 28, 2016  Got it!  Thank you for the excellent service.

December 23, 2016
 I recently purchased the Candy Land game and
I was very pleased with your services. The game arrived promptly
even with the holidays quickly approaching. The price was great and
the quality of the shipping left the game in good condition.  This is a
gift for my brother and I know he is going to be very excited that
there was one out there for sale!  Thank you!  Happy holidays!

December 7, 2016  
Thanks so much for the game!  Had one years
ago which my parents purchased for us at a garage sale for 50
cents.  They wanted to have one for the grandkids.  Very pleased.  

November 26, 2016
Received and all good!  Thanks for the fast

November 16, 2016
 I cannot thank you enough for your expertise
on games and how it helped me to find what I needed.  Best Regards
& Have a Happy Holiday!  

September 30, 2016
Hello,  Just a "thank you" for shipping so fast!  
Very happy with purchase. Goosebumps One Day at Horrorland
game by Milton Bradley.  Packaged very well, too. Your store will be
the first place I will look in the future!

June 10, 2016  
I have been buying from Don's Game Closet now
for over a year. The games he sells are top notch. The quality and
condition of the games are unmatched. However, that's not what
makes buying from Don so amazing. Don is an absolute delight to
speak with. I could speak with him for hours, in fact, I have spoken
with him for hours on several occasions. He remembers who I am
EVERY TIME. He has even taken the time to call me personally to
discuss my specific questions about his games. I have never ever
had such a pleasant experience buying anything before. That's what
makes Don's Game Closet so special. He adds a very personal touch
to every sale he makes. He is more concerned about bringing
families together and delivering you your favourite games just how
you remember them. I would recommend that anyone who is
looking for a vintage or out of print game to only buy from Don.
You won't regret the decision.

April 28, 2016  
I received the Wildlife Adventure game this morning
that I ordered just a few days ago.  It is in very good condition with
all game pieces.  Thank you for such prompt service.  

April 25, 2016
 I received the game rules and am very pleased!   
Lots of games now for the Grandkids and now, thanks to Don's
Game Closet, they will know how to play them   Thank you very
much,  I am very pleased!-- and yes, I have book marked your
webpage for future reference!!  Thanks again  

April 20, 2016  
Thanks so much.  I purchased this game at a garage
sale and it had no rules.  I am a volunteer vocabulary teacher in nine
schools and am always looking for vocabulary games.  You provide
a great service.  Thanks!  

March 16, 2016  
Thanks very much. This is a great service (our
rules section), ideal for people like me who buy second hand games
from charity shops.  Thanks again.  

January 27, 2016  
This game did not disappoint!  Don reached out
to me shortly after my order was placed to make sure he understood
what I was looking for and the game arrived 2 days later.  I'm so
glad I stumbled upon Don's Game Closet, and I will be back!


December 20, 2015  As always I absolutely LOVE you guys! I
never purchase from anyone else unless you simply do not have a
copy of something that I'm dying to play. I have been so impressed
with your friendliness and the fantastic quality of the games you sell.
I know when I buy from you, I'm getting a top notch trip down
memory lane. Sincerely,

December 18, 2015  
Thank you again for all of your help.  I know
my 4 children and their children will be very happy with their games
from you. Happy Holidays.

October 29, 2015  
Highly impressed with your site...easy to
navigate and containing much more info than I could have imagined.  
I really appreciate the fact I can search by year, type of game, or so
many other ways.  I'm already spreading the word to friends on how
impressed I am with your set up.  For those on the Christmas list
that 'have everything' what better surprise gift than a game from
their past.  My shopping will start right here.  

August 14, 2015  
Its taken me a bit to write this, but having started
collecting board games a few months ago, I've been really looking
for a good place to search, since its very hard without going to
garage sales and getting breaks on eBay, to find vintage board
games.  Its even harder to find the exact conditions and details on
what should be included during a purchase.  However, searching for
different things, I ran across Don's site, and spent hours combing
over the huge amount of games offered, bookmarking so many, and
slowly deciding exactly which ones I wanted.  Finally, I sent Don an
e-mail about info on stock, and to my surprise, he offered to talk to
me on the phone about any questions, shipping, and condition. It
was a lovely 20-minute conversation and even though he assured me
if I had any issue, I could e-mail him back, I already felt that
wouldn't have been a problem.  I ordered 12 games, and it only took
a few days to get to my home, and everything was incredibly well-
packed, and exactly the condition specified.  I couldn't have been
happier.  I post this as I start to plan my next order, and I can
recommend, to anyone with even a small interest in board games, to
buy from Don!  

August 12, 2015   
I've just paid by PayPal.  It was very easy this
time! I don't mind paying a few dollars for a great service. Thank
you very much  Kind Regards  

August 21, 2015  I received the game on Monday, August 17th....
delivered right to my front door.  Thank you so VERY much for all
your help. Many friends will be enjoying this great game.  I look
forward to playing the game.  

August 2, 2015
 Thanks so much.  My grandkids love this game.

July 11, 2015  
I just wanted to let you know I received the "Game
of  the States" this week that I purchased from you and could not be
more pleased with it.  

July 1, 2015  
Thank you so much for giving us a call and helping us
figure out how to put together the credit card machine. We have
enjoyed playing the game and will refer your company to our

June 11, 2015  
Hi Don, I came across your store on a web search.
I'm not after any games, but I saw the pics of your store and of
yourself and read about you - and I just wanted to wish you well and
to say that I'm happy someone is out there providing, in a modest
way, such a friendly, wholesome and beneficial service to the
world.  I'm in the UK so I can't stop by and say hi, but I wish you
all the best for your store.  Kind regards,

May 20, 2015
That was fast!  What a great service.  My 6 year old
bought this game at the thrift store and was all excited to play it.  It
had all of the pieces except the directions.  Thank you for your fast,
convenient, and well priced service!

April 26, 2015   
Thank you for your time and response to my
question.  I appreciate it.  You have a great website!

April 21, 2015  
Everything came through fine. I am very pleased to
find you because now I can introduce this game to my grandchildren
--- something old grandmom played back when God created dirt!
Thanks again!

April 19, 2015  
Yes, I did receive the games rules I requested.  
Thank you very much for your super prompt service!  

April 12, 2015
 A few years ago you located a "Billionaire" game
(the one by Happy Hour) for me.  Thank you very much.  I am
saving that game, along with some other "originals," I own for my
grandchildren.  Thanks!  

February 22, 2015  
Got it. Thank you for the rules and for doing it
so quickly!  I'm so glad I found your site!  

February 12, 2015  
Thank you very much. Good fast service. Gary

February 9, 2015  
The game has arrived and it was in excellent
condition. Thank you! And also thank you for being helpful with the
problems with the payment.  It was a pleasure to deal with you!      
Thank you!  

February 7, 2015.  
Love the store.  I just wanted to take a minute to
tell you how awesome your team is.  I've ordered Jumanji and
Zathura and both games were in great condition and arrived faster
than expected. I have a 7 year old daughter who loves board games.
From now on Don's Game Closet is my first stop when trying to
find a classic board game for my daughter. Thank you for the great

February 6, 2015.  
We have received the game's instructions.  
Thanks for your prompt service.  

January 12, 2015.
 Got them. Perfect. Thank you very much.
Now, if you know someone who wants to buy a used copy of the
game, let me know?  Thank you.  

January 12, 2015.  
I received all six orders from you without any
problem. Thank you.  BTW, your website is totally awesome. I find
that board and card gaming can be quite good for relaxation. I also
find it very useful for stimulating the mind.  Again, thank you very
much for your service.  

December 25, 2014  Merry Christmas!!!  I wanted extend the
season's best to you as I was thinking about you this morning. Your
fantastic service and rapid-fire response to my order was
exceptional!  The special parcel arrived by post yesterday.  You are a
magician!  I guess you have some pull with international shipping.  I
am very appreciative.  

December 23, 2014
Wanted to say thank you very much!  I received
the Alien Anatomy game and this is going to be a great memory for
my son.  I was happy to find another one on your site and now he has
his baby back to share with his children, once he becomes a father.  

November 20, 2014
 Hello Don, I just had to express how happy and
pleased I am with the Cranium Balloon Lagoon game that I ordered
from you. It is as stated in excellent condition. I know I will order
more vintage games from you and will tell my friends. Thanks a lot.

November 15, 2014  
They (the rules) came through fine. We will be
contacting you about any others (rules) she needs. She is trying to
keep the grandchildren off the tablets for games as much as she can.  
Again, thanks very much. You have great customer service.  If I may,
I will
use this experience as an example to clients.

November 15, 2014  
Just wanted to say thank you for your prompt
service. I received my 3 "Hot Hoops" Basketball games quickly and in
good condition.  Plus you always responded quickly to my emails.  I
appreciate it. I will keep you in mind for future use and will let other
people know.  Thank you again and may you have a blessed holiday!

November 14, 2014  
Thank you. Very, very nice game.....YOUR
Game pieces DO match the exact colors of the Start Piece of the
Game! So, again thank you for a very nice game. And it was nice to
talk to you again. I hope business is Good!  Hope to buy a game from
you soon.

November 6, 2014  
Thanks so much for the Chess Rules!  I received
a call from my daughter yesterday indicating that her 4th grade
daughter would be receiving Chess instruction in school.  My
daughter asked us to donate this teaching edition, but the rules were
missing.  You are a life saver.  Thanks so much for quick service!  
I'm taking this complete set to the school, now, thanks to your
assistance. Sincerely,

October 25, 2014  
I really like your store.  I have over 600 games
and I use your website for game information and pricing my games.  

October 25, 2014
Got my rules.  Thanks!  Love your store!  Kristina

September 14, 2014  
Hi Thank you.  We were cleaning out the toy
cupboard when we came across the Stadium Checkers game but no
box.  Now my grandchildren are enjoying this game with us.  We had
a little discussion about just how the game went so having the
directions is great.  Looking forward to many enjoyable evenings with
the grandchildren.  

August 28, 2014  
Hi Don, Just wanted to let you know that the Pig
Pong game that I ordered for Christmas 2013 has been such a super
hit with our grandchildren.  Our own children and their grandparents
played this many years ago and I wanted to find it again for our
grandchildren.  In this day and age of Pads and Pods I wondered if
they would find it boring!  I didn't have to worry about that.  All they
needed was Pig Puffers and as they say the rest was history.  Thank
you so much for keeping these games alive.  I have a video of them
playing that makes us laugh out loud every time we play it.  Wish
there was a way I could share it with you. Thanks again,

August 24, 2014  
Thanks Don,  You were so patient and helpful
tonight.  Great customer service!  Its obvious you are a happy person
that loves what he does!  I will definitely recommend your site to
friends!  Thanks again!  

June 20, 2014  
We received our Lost Cities: A Daring Adventure For
Two today. After searching everywhere, I finally stumbled upon Don’
s Game Closet online. I was thrilled that I had finally found the game.
I ordered it and two days later it arrived in the mail. I never expected
such quick delivery. Upon opening the package, I saw that the game
was in near perfect condition. It looked like it had barely even been
used and it was so much better than I expected. I fully plan on
ordering other games in the future and will definitely recommend
s Game Closet
to friends. Thank you so much!  Brandi

June 8, 2014  
I just returned home to Ann Arbor and Internet service
from the Michigan UP. Thank you so much for all your
communication. I think I correctly located the game on your site and
made the purchase. You have been a pleasure to do business with.  I
look forward to future purchases, You do a wonderful job with your
website. Best regards,

May 15, 2014  
The game of Operation arrived today ahead of
expectations!  Thank you very much. It was a pleasure to do business
with you and talking to you the other night!  Thanks again.

May 11, 2014  
I received the instructions that I ordered.  Thank you
very much for taking the time and supplying the effort to make this
available.  I purchased the game second hand and it had no
instructions with it.  I used to play this game when I was young and
was excited to come across it again.  Keep up the good work!  

April 11, 2014
 I just wanted to say thank you very much, the game
arrived here (Australia) safely today.  I really appreciate the quick
service.  All the Best,

March 9, 2014  
Thanks for such a quick reply!  I’m impressed!  She
did receive it!  This site is so fast!  Thank you for your help!  I will
definitely spread the word about your company.  

February 26, 2014
 Just a quick note to let you know how my wife
appreciates her handheld Yahtzee game I purchased. She had one for
the last few years, which she got as a Christmas gift, until she finally
it out. By dumb luck, last Fall I was searching the web and found
your website. Sure, she has an iPad and iPhone, but you can’t beat
the old games.  

February 12, 2014
I just want to comment on how well your
representative handled my "dispute" today. A few weeks ago, I
ordered what I thought was a game but turned out to be just the rules
to the game. My mistake. Having not received any communication
from you, I thought, I'd contact PayPal. They apparently contacted
you and I got a personal phone call from your customer service. After
a short discussion, I learned about my mistake of buying rules and not
a game. Rules had been delivered to another email address in a timely
manner. Your representative was very nice about my
misunderstanding and handled himself in a professional and personal
manner. We had a nice chat. He explained what I could do to try to
request your company to find the game. After hanging up, I
immediately called PayPal to clear up the "dispute" hoping that it will
not bring negative feedback to the company. If this is a representation
of how you handle your business then I would gladly recommend you
and buy from you myself! Thank you.

February 6, 2014  
Got it. Thank you so much.  My daughter fondly
remembers this game and I can now send it to her with all the parts
accounted for.

January 1, 2014
 This Christmas I ordered 2 board games for our
daughter & her family.  She had lamented the fact that when we
moved from one home to another that some of her favorite board
games ended up in a yard sale.  I started with a Facebook request,
which resulted in 1 game that was torn.  I then started looking on-line
for board games for sale.  This resulted in 2 reasonably priced games
from the time period of her teen years.  These were from
Game Closet
.  They were shipped with very personal care & phone
call from Don himself.  Our daughter & her family were very excited
about the games.  They said "They were our best Christmas gift
ever."  I'm going to contact my brother to see if he would like to
receive one board game he & I liked playing.  Many, many thanks to
Don & his staff for excellence in game choices, prices and personal
care.  Thank you for making this a Very, Very Merry Christmas   


December 28, 2013  Hi there, Got ‘em (rules) & thanks!  I’ve
purchased from you before & I’m so thrilled that you have this biz to
provide the lost rules for these games…

December 28, 2013  
Thanks so much for the set of rules.  The two
page color set is perfect for my recently acquired Hip Flip game.  You
have a simply great web site.  Thanks again...

November 13, 2013  
Package (game) received today all in good order
and I didn’t have to pay any duty. I’m very pleased with the
(Pokerkub) game.  Thanks very much.  Regards,

November 8, 2013  
Received the game today. Yea!!!!!!!!!!! I
originally bought this for my son when it first came out, years later
gave it to a friend.... I now have grandchildren who will absolutely
love this.  Thank you for sending it so quickly.

October 11, 2013  
Bought the Pursuit game by Aurora.  Was
complete except for instructions.  Found this site that had a huge
amount of instructions.  Found mine and ordered it.  Was great and
fast email.  Now I can play my game. Thanks Guys!!!  
Joe and Jill

August 22, 2013
 Thank you for your speedy service. The copy  
(rules)is clear. My game of Oilman is now complete, and we can
hopefully learn how to play this game. Sincerely,

August 2, 2013  
Unbelievable - I ordered The Brain Game on
Wednesday at 2:09 pm and it arrived on Friday at 12:50 pm -  less
than 48 hours later!  I don't think I've  ever received such fast service
before.  And to top it  off, the game is indeed in excellent condition,
just as advertised. Thank you!  

August 2, 2013  
I received the rules in good order, Thank you very
much!  These were lost by my son's friends a few years ago.  I
couldn't find them online at the time and hadn't looked again until this
week.  Excellent service!  

July 8, 2013
Thank you for your time and for bringing back the
classics so that people can sit around the table together, with their
families, just like in the "old days". We have three kids and we still
have family game night (which is how we started acquiring so many
games!) Even with two teenagers in the house, we're a close-knit
family and I think a big part of that comes from spending time and
playing together. We appreciate you and your efforts to keep this
tradition alive. :)  

June 21, 2013  
Wow, what excellent customer service.  The new
scans look appreciably better.  Thanks for taking the time to rescan
them and share them with me.  You are definitely a class act.  

June 7, 2013  
You saved the night for us in allowing us to play one of
our favorite games from 20 years ago. I bought the game online and
then discovered the instructions weren't included and we couldn't
remember exactly how to play. I really appreciate the very unexpected
personal attention. I've bookmarked your page and will recommend
you to everyone in need of your service. I'm posting my positive
experience on my Facebook page for all to see.  Thanks again,

May 15, 2013  
I got my game in the mail yesterday.  My son and I
have played MANY games!  It's great!  So glad that he is capable of
doing something other than computer Minecraft...While I'm writing,
I am looking for a complete set of the Shoot Out at the OK Corral.
Will spread the word on your wonderful games. We are good at that!!!
Many thanks,

May 8, 2013
 Hi, I'm quite impressed by your site and the massive
catalog of games you have on there, but I'm hoping that maybe you
can help me track down a game from my childhood. The problem is
that I can't remember it's name....Thanks in advance for ANY info
you can give me! If anybody out there would have an idea, I'm hoping
it's you!Wow!  (
1993 Tower of the Wizard King game by Parker
).  That IS the game! I can't thank you enough for helping
me out with that!  Amazing how despite always searching for board
games with Tower in it I've never seen anything but Dark Tower.

April 30, 2013  Yes I received the instructions.  Thank you ever so
much.  Can now enjoy the game.  Thanks again for very quick

April 20, 2013
 I picked up a card game called "Hobo" several weeks
ago and have been searching online for rules ever since. I thought for
sure I'd be able to pick up the rules from you, but they don''t seem to
be here. Frankly, if
Don's Game Closet doesn't have it, I'm pretty
sure no one else will either.

April 3, 2013  
THANK YOU !   We received both game rules.
You guys rock!
Chuck & Pam

March 26, 2013  
I had been searching for a vintage boardgame and
stumbled upon your website.  I have never seen anything like it.  You
must have the largest vintage game website in America.  Amazingly
enough, your indexing links makes searching for my game very easy.
Thanks for providing this service.  A Very Happy Customer!

March 12, 2013  The Head to Head Perfection game arrived.  It's
perfect!  Thanks,

February 10, 2013  
Your website is wonderful.  Cheryl

February 6, 2013  
Game rules were received. Thank you so much
for your assistance and prompt sending of the game rules.  

February 4, 2013
 Thank you.  Was able to print it with no problem.
I appreciate you finding them (rules) for me.  

February 1, 2013
  THANK YOU!   A thousand times thank you to
Don's Game Closet!  Not only did my copy of the Buffy The
Vampire Slayer Board Game come faster than expected, the condition
it was in exceeded the description considerably!  This game is in
pristine condition and is brand new outside of some shelf wear on the
box. The level of service I received here was some of the best I've
experienced hands down.  Don explained, in great detail, the shipping
process, the game quality and totally put my mind at ease.  I highly
Don's Game Closet to anyone that may be considering a
purchase here and is on the fence about it. 10/10 rating in my book!
Thanks again Don.  
Mark  (Canada)

January 11, 2013  
Thank you very much.  They (rules) are fantastic.
I will let all the mums know at school and our play group of this
service you are providing..  

January 5, 2013  
Hi, it's (CARLA)!!!!!!! I checked out the website.
It is awesome!!!!!! It will take me a while to figure out what I want
to order.

January 2, 2013
 The two Masterpiece games arrived and they are
GREAT!  Frankly, I can't tell the difference between the "Good
Condition"  and the "Excellent Condition"  game.  They are both in
excellent condition in our opinions.  I couldn't be more satisfied and
happy with the games or with the service and help you provided!  
Thank you so much.


December 14, 2012  Thanks.  I received it (Pig Pong) well in time
for Saturday. It is going to bring back some wonderful laughs.  My
husband and I dated when we were 17 and now in our 50's we still
recall stories when we first got married and played this no-brainer fun
game. Our kids, young adults, have heard about it over the years, so it
will be so fun to pull it out and play. I shared your store with others
just in case they too are seeking some happy memories of games of
the past.  Happy you,  

December 10, 2012  
This is what I call "WOW" service!!  Thank you
so much for your prompt shipment.  I'm so excited...God bless you :-)

November 23, 2012
 First off, your web site is by far the best for
listing games, release date, description, as well as for sale, that I
believe I have ever seen.  Do you know of other web sites that
specialize in other toy categories, that are as GOOD AND
COMPLETE like your site?  (or anyone close).  Some of the toys I
am interested in are the 1960s Marx Shooting Gallery,  Metal play sets
for toy cars, like split level service stations or plastic sets like the
1950's drive in movie, etc.  

November 18, 2012
 YEE HAW!!!! I played this game in 1967 and
my son can play it now!!  Thanks for the rules!!!  

November 13, 2012
 Just to let you know that I received ‘Press
Ups.’  Thank you so much for your great service and for helping me.  
My very best regards.

September 23, 2012
 They (the rules) have been received!  Thank
you so much!  This game came from my Grandparents home and I
wanted to teach my children how to play but I couldn't remember!!   
Thanks for helping us make memories (hopefully good ones)!!!  

August 19, 2012  
Hi Don,  My Jackpot Yahtzee arrived a few days
after I made the Internet purchase. It's in great condition and has
plenty of score sheets. I taught my husband how to play tonight. He's
not much of a board game person, but he did quite well -- beat me the
first game! Beginners luck for him, but also luck for me. He wanted
to play it again! (This time I won.) He enjoyed the strategy involved
and the fact that it doesn't take very long to complete a game. Looking
forward to lots of game time down the road.

July 25, 2012  Hi Don!  Once again, I played this 1968 Regatta game
last night and I am learning sooo much about wind.  My husband is
the sailor and I’m in training and your board game is amazing because
I’m actually learning!!!  Thanks!!  

July 20, 2012  
I ordered a game from Don's Game Closet. Then I
got a call from them and one of their employees talked with my
husband about my specific interest in games. The person at
learned that I buy games with cards having pictures of celebrities and
movie stars. Then the employee at
DGC told my husband about a
game called Picture Perfect with hundreds of cards with drawings of
celebrities. Exactly the kind of game I look for. I didn't even know
about this game. I went to the
DGC site and found they had 2 of
these games in stock and bought both of them.  The point is that the
employee at
DGC called me and was kind enough to recommend a
game that had just what I was looking for.  I haven't experienced that
class of customer service in a long time. A real thumbs up to
Game Closet
.  Linda  (We made a call after receiving her email
about a specific interest in certain types of games)

June 18, 2012  I am very happy with your Don's Game Closet
service! You had the game that I wanted, in excellent condition, at a
very reasonable price, and you shipped it to me the next day! Thank
you so much!  

June 2, 2012  
After another disappointing shipment from eBay, I took
to the Internet to see if I could find the missing pieces to the item that
was advertised on eBay as 'COMPLETE'.  Today was my lucky day!
I 'walked' into
Don's Game Closet and was amazed.  An awesome
website, easy to use, 'ACCURATE' information, and obviously created
by someone who cares about preserving the days of old and bringing
good memories back to life!   Not only is this site all you could ever
want, the personal attention you receive makes you feel like you are
part of the family.  
June 5, 2012  I received my items yesterday.  
They are perfect. are fast!!  :-)  Thanks Don.  

May 16, 2012  
I wanted to let you know that I received my game
instructions! Thank you so much for your quick service.  I found my
game at my parent's w/ all the pieces and my four year old really
wanted to play. But I had no instructions. This really helped me out!!  
Thanks again.

May 9, 2012
 I received the game rules and have them all printed out.
Thank you so much for being consistent with me to get them. Have
had this game for years and the rules were misplaced, so it's great to
have someone such as you to go to. I will pass your web site on.  

April 15, 2012  
Thank you.  We just played the Sinking of the Titanic
game tonight thanks to you folks :-)  Mahalo  

April 11, 2012  
I love all the games I have gotten from you! Karen

April 6, 2012  
The Tickle Bee arrived (yesterday) and looks great.
Brings back memories! Thanks so much for sending it along! It will
be fun sharing this old game with younger folk.  

April 1, 2012  
Thank you very much for "Bringing Families Together"
by providing an exceptional online resource for vintage out-of-print
board games.  My family and I have a 1968 Risk Board Game.  We've
had our game shelved for years because the game rules have been
MIA.  Thanks to Don's Game Closet, we now have a copy of the
game rules.  We are looking forward to adding Risk to our weekend
list of family games.  I appreciate the time and effort you provided to
correct the "pdf-file print challenge" I experienced.  The personal
service via telephone calls (on a Sunday!) was a pleasant and
welcomed surprise.  I've already highly recommended your well-
organized and easy-to-use website via email to family and friends.  
Mahalo a nui loa (Hawaiian for "Thank you very much.")  

March 12, 2012  
I recently ordered a Mall Madness game from you
I am very pleased,   It was in excellent condition.  My daughter had
this game when she was very little and now she is in her 30's.. Thank
you very much.  

March 7, 2012
 I did get the Mystery Mansion rules and I was able to
open and print them. Thank you.  So glad you guys exist.I will keep
your website handy for the future.  I am a big game buyer.  I buy a lot
of games at rummage sales and antique sales.  A lot of times these
lack instructions. Thank you again.

February 15, 2012  
Just wanted to let you know I received Oldies
But Goodies game in perfect condition!!  Thank you so much and
thank you for the prompt delivery!  

January 24, 2012  
We received the 2000 Strat-O-Matic Football
game today and my kids love it...thank you for the discount on the
shipping option.  I just noticed that refund in my email. That was
thoughtful. Thank you again for everything.  
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