Don's Game Closet
Each year, American Mensa holds a Mind Games competition in one U.S.
city.  Mensa members play and rate new board and card games that are
submitted by various publishers. Members choose the top five games
based on a variety of categories, such as aesthetics, instructions, play
appeal, originality and play value.  The Mensa Select Seal is awarded.
2000 Atlanta, GA
3 Stones game
Finish Lines game
Time's Up! game
ZÈRTZ (in the GIPF project)
2010 San Diego, CA
Anomia game
Dizios game
Forbidden Island game
Word on the Street game
Yikerz! game
1991 New York, NY
Pyramis game
Lapis game
Set game
Master Labyrinth game
Clue: Great Museum Caper game
1993 New York, NY
Farook game
Inklings game
Overturn game
Quadrature game
Quarto game
1994 New York, NY
Char game
Chung Toi game
Down Fall game
Magic: The Gathering game
Pyraos game
1995 New York, NY
Wordspin Scramble game
Continuo game
Duo game
Quixo game
The Great Dalmuti game
1996 Atlanta, GA
Rat-a-Tat Cat game
Pirateer game
Take 6 game
Quadwrangle game
Touche game
1999 Seattle, WA
Apples to Apples game
Bollox (Also Boku) game
Doubles Wild game
Fluxx game
Quiddler game
Brainstrain game
Dao game
Metro game
Shapes Up! game
The Pollgame game
2002 Minneapolis, MN
Curses! game
DVONN (in the GIPF project)
Smart Mouth game
The Legend of Landlock game
2003 Houston, TX
Blokus game
Cityscape game
Fire and Ice game
Octiles game
TransAmerica game
1992 New York, NY
Kinesis game
Q4 game
Terrace game
Traverse game
Why Not? game
2008 Phoenix, AZ
AmuseAmaze game
Eye Know game
Jumbulaya game
Pixel game
Tiki Topple game

2009 Cincinnati, OH
Cornerstone game
Dominion game
Marrakech i game
Stratum game
Tic-Tac-Ku game
2004 Chicago, IL
10 Days in Africa game
Basari game
Bridges of Shangri-La game
Rumis game
YINSH (in the GIPF project)
2005 Tampa, FL
Da Vinci's Challenge game
Ingenious game
Loot Card game
Niagara game
Zendo game
2006 Portland, OR
Deflexion game
Hive game
Keesdrow game
Pentago game
Wits and Wagers game
2007 Pittsburgh, PA
Gemlok game
Gheos game
Hit or Miss game (not card
Qwirkle game
2011 Albany, NY (April)
InStructures game by Jane's Games
Pastiche game by Gryphon Games
Pirate versus Pirate game OOTB
Stomple game GaZima Games
Uncle Chestnut's Table Gype
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2012 Herdon, VA (April)
(68 games submitted)
Coerceo by Designer Unknown
IOTA by Gene Mackles
Mine Shift game by John Forte Jr.
Snake Oil by Jeff Ochs
Tetris Link by Techno Source
Vintage Game News
Mensa Select Award Winners
2013 St Louis, MO (April)
Forbidden Desert by Gamewright
Ghooost by Iello USA
KerFlip by Creative Foundry Games
Kulami by FoxMind Games
Suburbia by Bezier Games
2014 Austin, TX (April)
Euphoria: Build a Better Dystopia by
Stonemaler Games
Gravwell: Escape from the 9th
Dimension by Cryptozoic Entertainment
Pyramix by Gamewright
Qwixx by Gamewright
The Duke by Catalyst Game Labs
2015 San Diego, CA (April)
Castles of Mad King Ludwig by Bezier
Dragonwood: A Game of Dice &
Daring by Gamewright
Lanterns: The Harvest Festival by
Renegade Game Studio
Letter Tycoon by Breaking Games
Trekking the National Parks by Bink
2016 Wheeling, IL (April)
Circular Reasoning by Breaking Games
Favor of the Pharaoh by Bezier Games
New York 1901 by Blue Orange USA
The Last Spike by Columbia Games
Worlds Fair 1893 by Renegade Game
2017 Herndon, VA (April)
Amalgam by Simply Fun
Around the World in 80 Days by Iello
Clank! Deck Building Adventure by
Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle by USAopoly
Imagine by Gamewright
2018 Denver, CO (April)
Azul by Plan B Games
Constellations: Game of Stargazing and
the Night Sky by Xtronaut Enterprises
Ex Libris by Renegade
Photosynthesis by Blue Orange
Raiders of the North Sea by Renegade
2019 Wadsworth, OH (April)
Architects of the West Kingdom by
Gizmos by Cmon Inc
Gunkimono by Renegade
Planet by Blue Orange
Victorian Masterminds by Cmon Inc