2002 1313 Dead End Drive game Parker Brothers
1977 221B Baker St game Hansen
1979 221B Baker St game Hansen (Expansion Set 4)
1996 221B Baker Hansen
1997 3 for me game Tribond
1990 Abalone game Abalone Games
1968 Acquire game Avalon Hill
1995 Act One game B.E. Games
1970 Aggravation game Lakeside
1972 Aggravation game Lakeside
1977 Aggravation game Lakeside
1982 Aggravation Deluxe game Lakeside
1989 Aggravation Deluxe game Milton Bradley
1999 Aggravation Deluxe game Milton Bradley
1968 All Star Baseball game Cadaco
1996 Arthur Goes to the Library game Milton Bradley
1989 ASAP game University Games
1992 Ask Zandar game Milton Bradley
1995 Atmosfear game Mattel
1979 Auto Racing game 3M
1966 Avalanche game Parker Brothers
1992 Azuma game Parker Brothers
1984 Balderdash game Games Gang
1995 Balderdash game Parker Brothers
1991 Bandu game Milton Bradley
1981 Bargain Hunter game Milton Bradley
1985 Bed Bugs game Milton Bradley
1999 Bethumpd game Mamopalire
1997 Beyond Balderdash game Parker Brothers
1979 Big Boggle game Parker Brothers
1983 Big Boggle game Parker Brothers
1977 Big Deal game Lakeside
1977 Big Foot Milton Bradley
1991 Bizzy Bizzy Bumble Bees game Golden
1978 Black Box game Parker Brothers
1989 Bonkers game Milton Bradley
1996 Busytown game Ravensburger  
1979 Careers game Parker Brothers
1998 Carmen SanDiego USA Jr. Ed. game UG
1986 Castle Risk game Parker Brothers
2004 Charoodles game Thinkfun
1984 Children's Bible Trivia game Cadaco
1981 Chips game IDEAL
1980 Christmas game Holiday Games
1972 Clue game Parker Brothers
1986 Clue game Parker Brothers
1991 Clue Great Museum Caper game Parker Brothers
1995 Cold Turkey game Milton Bradley
2000 Color Connection Maze game Discovery Toys
1996 Compatibility game Mattel
1970 Connquiz game Conn Corporation
1993 Crack the Case game Milton Bradley
1987 Crackers in my Bed game Parker Brothers
1990 Crocodile Dentist game Milton Bradley
1999 Crocodile Hunter game Milton Bradley
1968 Crossword Cubes game Selchow & Righter
1998 Crosswords for Dummies game Pressman
1988 Dare game Parker Brothers
1989 Domino Rally Deluxe Set Pressman
1991 Domino Rally Glow in Dark Set Pressman
1991 Don’t Go To Jail game Parker Brothers
1999 Don't Wake Daddy game Milton Bradley
1986 Don’t Wake the Dragon game Parker Brothers
1977 Dungeon Dice game Parker Brothers
1989 Electronic Talking Battleship game Milton Bradley
1995 Electronic Talking Hot Potato game Parker Brothers
1994 Enchanted Palace game Milton Bradley
1989 Encore game Parker Brothers  
1999 Encore game Endless Games
1982 E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial game Parker Brothers
1996 Farm Families game Milton Bradley
1974 Flustration game Reiss
1948 Foto Electric Football game Cadaco
1994 Fraidy Cats game Milton Bradley
1993 Gator Golf game Milton Bradley
1999 Gator Golf game Milton Bradley
1992 Geografacts game Geografacts
1973 Go game 3M
1998 Godzilla game Milton Bradley
1995 Gooey Louie game Pressman
1994 Goofy Golf Machine game Parker Brothers
2008 Gotta Getta Gopher game Hilco
1990 Grabbin Grasshoppers game Tyco
1992 Grape Escape game Parker Brothers
1969 Group Therapy game Group Therapy Associates
1991 Guess Who game Milton Bradley
1990 Guesstures game Milton Bradley
1978 Hawaiian Punch game Mattel
1988 Heart Throb game Milton Bradley
1987 Hi Ho Cherry-O VCR game Golden
1988 Hot Potato game Parker Brothers
1989 Huggermugger game Golden
1989 Huggermugger game Huggermugger
1978 Hungry Ant game Milton Bradley
1993 Husker Du game Golden
1994 Husker Du game Parker Brothers
1998 I Love Lucy Trivia game Talicor
1974 Jack Straws game Parker Brothers
1990 Jackpot Yahtzee game Lowe
1997 Judge for Yourself game Pressman
1998 Judge for Yourself game Pressman
2005 Junkyard Jalopy game Hilco
1989 King's Court game Golden
1975 Kismet game Lakeside
1967 Kreskin's ESP Advanced Edition Milton Bradley
1971 Landslide game Parker Brothers
1995 Last Chance game Milton Bradley
1987 Lets Go To The Races game Parker Brothers
1987 Liars Dice game Milton Bradley
1982 Lost Treasure game Parker Brothers
1978 Magic Realm game Avalon Hill
1996 Magical Maze game University Games
1981 Mastermind game Pressman
1970 Masterpiece game  Parker Brothers
1978 Match II game IDEAL (World Flags)
1986 Match Move and Memory game Milton Bradley
1985 Megiddo game Global Games
1980 Michigan Rummy game Pressman
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2001 Monopoly Jr Eloise game Parker Brothers
1987 Monster Mash game Parker Brothers
1994 Monster Mash game Parker Brothers
2004 Moods game Hasbro
1998 Moovit game Tiger
1990 Motor Mouth game Tiger
1987 Mr Mouth game TOMY
1984 Mystery Mansion game Milton Bradley
1998 Namesake game Pressman
1991 Nightmare II game Chieftain
1981 Nosey Neighbor game Milton Bradley
1990 Note Ability game Tiger
1979 Obstruction game Whitman
1992 Oodles game Milton Bradley
1985 Outdoor Life Trivia game Orange Alps
1992 Outta Control game Parker Brothers
1981 Paris Metro game Infinity Games
1950 Park and Shop game Milton Bradley
1976 Pay Day game Parker Brothers
2000 Pay Day game Parker Brothers
1990 Pen the Pig game Golden
1981 Pente game Gabriel (Black Tube)
1984 Pente game Parker Brothers
1995 Penguin Shuffle game Milton Bradley
1956 Perquackey game Lakeside
1975 Perquackey game Lakeside
1988 Phenomenon The Extra Sensory Party game UG
1977 Pig Mania game Moffat
1964 Pit game Parker Brothers
1987 Pizza Party game Parker Brothers
1998 Pokemon Monopoly game Parker Brothers
1991 Polar Dare game Milton Bradley
1964 Probe game Parker Brothers
1991 Progressive Puzzles Discovery Toys
1999 Puppy Racers game Parker Brothers
1978 Quad Ominos game Pressman
1987 Quadular game HPH Development Inc.
1988 Quizzard game Random House
1992 Racko game Parker Brothers
1982 Raise the Roof game Henard Industries
1994 Rate Your Mate game Kelly Productions
1974 Ratrace game Waddingtons
1984 Ratrace game Waddingtons
1981 Razzle game Parker Brothers
1990 Read My Lips game Pressman
1989 Ready Set Spaghetti game Milton Bradley
1980 Risk game Parker Brothers
1993 Risk game Parker Brothers
1999 Risk game Parker Brothers
2003 Risk game Parker Brothers
2003 Risk Lord of the Rings Trilogy game PB
1994 Rock Jocks game Milton Bradley
1984 Rock n Roll Replay game Baron/Scott
1986 Round Four game Milton Bradley
1975 Royal Kismet game Lakeside
1966 RSVP game Selchow & Righter
1989 Rumi-K Senior Series game Cadaco
1959 Rummy Royal game Whitman
1962 Rummy Royal game Whitman
1965 Rummy Royal game Whitman
1981 Rummy Royal game Whitman
1986 Sale of the Century game Reg Gundy
1970 Scan game Parker Brothers
1975 Score Four game Lakeside
2001 Scrabble Deluxe game Parker Brothers
1963 Scribbage game Lowe
1968 Scribbage game Lowe
1996 Secret Square game University Games
1994 Sharp Shooters game Milton Bradley
2001 Shiift Tac Toe game Pressman
1992 Shuttles game University Games
1988 Snake Dance game TOMY
1992 Snardvark game Parker Brothers
1990 Sniglets game Games Gang
1968 Solarquest game Golden
1992 Songburst 70s 80s game Hersch
1989 Splat game Milton Bradley
1999 Splat game Milton Bradley
1992 Split Second game Parker Brothers
1971 Sports Illustrated College Football game
1972 Square Off game Parker Brothers
1952 Stadium Checkers game Schaper
1971 Stay Alive game Milton Bradley
1968 Stock Market game Whitman
1979 Stop Thief game Parker Brothers
1996 Stops game Stops Canada
1962 Stratego game Milton Bradley
1976 Strolling Bowling game TOMY
1986 Super Jock Super Toe game Milton Bradley
1990 Taboo Refill cards Milton Bradley
2003 Talking Gooey Louie game Pressman
1967 Thinking Man's Golf game 3M
1991 Times to Remember game Milton Bradley
1965 Tip-It game IDEAL
1977 Touche game Gabriel
1991 Tornado Rex game Parker Brothers
1992 Treasure Trolls game Pressman
0000 Tri-Ominos game Pressman
1996 Triopoly game Reveal Entertainment
1989 Tripoley Players Edition game Cadaco
2000 Trivial Pursuit Biographies game Hasbro
1985 Trivial Pursuit RPM CS game Selchow & Righter
1986 UBI game Selchow & Righter
1997 Ultimate Stratego game Winning Moves
1994 Uno Dominos game Mattel
1997 Upwords game Milton Bradley
1973 Vince Lombardi's Game of Pro Football game
1991 Whats My Name game Ravensburger
1986 Wildlife Adventure game Ravensburger
2001 Who Wants to Be Millionaire 2 game Pressman
1995 Word Trio game Discovery Toys
1982 Word Yahtzee game Milton Bradley
1985 Wordkub game Pressman
2002 Word Spin Deluxe Edition game Geospace Internl
1994 Word Thief game Faby Games
1985 World's Greatest Travel game Whitehall Ed. Toys
1999 You Just Became a Millionaire game Hasbro
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