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Year       Name of Game             Manufacturer  
2005 American Girl Samantha's Mystery Party Parent's Guide & Game Rules (American Girl)
2000 Battleship Electronic Advanced Mission Game Rules (Milton Bradley)
2000 Big Brother Game Rules* (Pressman)
1991 Bridgette Game Rules  (Mayfair Games)
1998 Bunny Money Game Rules (International Playthings)
1977 Cattlemen Game Rules (Selchow Righter)
2005 Criss Cross Poker Tripoley Game Rules (Cadaco)
1981 Dark Tower Game Rules (Milton Bradley)
1993 Dealer McDope Dealing Game Rules (Last Gasp)
1983 Dragonriders of Pern Basic, Advanced, Solitaire Game Rules* (Mayfair Games)
1999 Elephant Ride Game Rules (Ravensburger)
2000 Eloise Game Rules (Briarpatch)
2005 Fractions Supreme Pizza Game Rules* (Discovery Toys)
2002 Frog Tennis Game Rules (Milton Bradley)
1999 Furby Adventure Game Rules (Milton Bradley)
1992 Ghost Party Game Rules (Ravensburger)
1987 Global Pursuit Game Rules (National Geographic)
1993 Herd Your Horses Game Rules (Aristoplay)
1989 Huggermugger Game Rules (Golden)
2000 I've Created A Monster Card Game Rules (Fundex)
1995 Jeopardy Electronic Model 7-581 Cartridge #1 Q & A Book (Tiger) - Part 1
1995 Jeopardy Electronic Model 7-581 Cartridge #1 Q & A Book (Tiger) - Part 2
1976 King Maker Game Rules (Avalon Hill)
1993 Let's Go Shopping Game Rules (Trend Enterprises)
1987 Let's Go To The Races Racing Form (Parker Brothers)
0000 Loose Change Game Rules (International Playthings)
1992 Mansions & Money Game Rules (Masco)
1996 Money Matters Game Rules (Rainfall Educational Toys)
1977 Obsession Game Rules (Mego)
1987 Picture This Game Rules (Marchon)
1989 Plunder Game Rules (Island Games)
1986 Pound Puppies Pooch on the Loose Game Rules (Golden)
1964 Probe Game Rules (Parker Brothers)
1946 Rich Uncle Stock Market Game Rules (Parker Brothers)
1992 Scrutineyes Answer Guide (Mattel)
1970 Stock Market Game Rules (Avalon Hill)
1997 Stock Market Game Rules (Herbko)
1977 Triple Up Game Rules (IDEAL)
1994 X-Men Under Siege Game Rules (Pressman)
2000 Zoboomafoo Game Rules (Pressman)
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