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DON'S GAME CLOSET is a MOM-and-POP Store that
was created as a hassle-free alternative to dealing
with time-consuming auctions, poorly graded
merchandise and undependable service.  We make it
a policy to give you both quality service and accurately,  
graded games.  We want you to be comfortable with
your game purchase, have a speedy delivery and
ultimately enjoy your vintage game for many years into
the future.  We believe strongly that if you are a happy
customer, you will visit us again or tell your family and
friends about us.  Delivering quality services and
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we are all about at Don's Game Closet.
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OUR GUARANTEE:   We provide a money back
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satisfied with your purchase, just send it back
postmarked within 15 calendar days of arrival
to your address and we will be glad to refund
your money for the game.  It must be returned
in the same condition as it was sent to you.  
No-Fault game returns do not include a
shipping refund, however the shipping refund
amount on other returns is determined on a
case-by-case basis.    Please
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We are pleased to not have any dissatisfied
customer game returns since we began our
online business in 2007.  See our
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